swim photos

The pool season is nearing it’s close and I just realized I haven’t gotten any photos. The last couple of days have been rather “light” as school as started, so I thought it would be a perfect time to get photos taken.

Garrett normally has goggles on, but recently he’s taken to going without them. Still doesn’t like the feel of water in his eyes though.

Mikhail is always telling what a great swimmer is, but he still refuses to get his head wet, and his feet only leave the bottom of the pool when he’s hopping.

(It’s rootbeer!) We were at a birthday party for a friend tonight. Drew likes to TRY to look cool. (Normally, this involves the “peace” sign, but I managed to “miss” it for this photo.)

Badmitten has become almost as popular with the boys as basketball. Who would have thunk it? Tyler really enjoys playing.

Okay, aren’t these just awesome “dive” photos???? I could not believe my luck when I actually got them, and the fact that they came out so clear. I had to “white out” a sign that gave too much information in the photos (yes, that big white square is there on purpose).

We are supposed to get our new kittens tomorrow, so I’ll be posting more photos then.

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