Conclusion! (really, I mean it this time!)

We finally finished our Very Hungry Caterpillar pages. This is a front and back view of the boys’ work (front is Mikhail’s and back is Garrett’s).

The boys had a blast! They thought this was so cool; and by association I was cool too (for a bit). They are very proud of their work and can’t wait to put it in their yearbooks. (However, they are stuck waiting for the glue to dry.)

We did do one thing different, as I had said we would. On the back (where the caterpillar in the green frame is), we made that into a booklet which contains some of the songs and poems the boys learned about butterflies and caterpillars.

Hmmm, I guess I should give a brief description. . .

So, on the front you have:

  • days of the week (top left)
  • lifcycle of a butterfly (top right)
  • colors (bottom left)
  • healthy v. junk food (bottom right)

On the back you have:

  • tissue paper collage
  • the poem / song booklet
  • and the count to five accordian caterpillar


Do you remember I had mentioned (in my pool picture post) how the boys have really taken to badmitten? Well, Tyler recalled that we had given him a set as a gift at one point (I certainly don’t recall it). He hunted it down and found the set, so now, even though the pool is closed they can still play. Currently, he is outside playing with some of the H kids.


And to round this out perfectly, as a conclusion post, I would like to refer you back to this entry.

My brother-in-law just sent us a “care” package that we received today. (He sends us one every time he sends Jay one.) Inside, were the normal goodies, plus 6 boxes of Sponge Bob Square Pants Mac and Cheese. There was also a note that said, in part:

“I bought these boxes from one of the newest and cleanest stores in our area and wrapped them in plastic wrap to keep them ‘fresh’ in the mail. Hope you enjoy. . .”

I was literally stumped, trying to figure out what would possess him to do such a thing! It was the two eldest boys who were astounded,

“Awww, geez, Mom! You blogged about the worms??? Gosh, you just write about any ole thing don’t you? Even if it is terribly boring. . . ”  (I looked it up and lo and behold I had!)

Of course, even they are saying that I must fix some soon, “to examine the contents”.


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