after speech

I don’t normally post twice in a day, but it was just too funny.

As I mentioned earlier this a.m.  Mikhail was all excited about going to speech.  He didn’t even seemed phased by the fact that he knew it was going to be a different teacher. . . at least, at first that was the case.

On the way from the car to the school he walked as if on “dead man’s row”.  Then, while waiting for the teacher to come, he was calm but untalkative.

Then, she came and said “hi” and introduced herself to me.  He squirreled into my lap, would not look at her and the silent tears started.  poor guy!  He’s so shy!

So, I “walked” him down to class.  That is to say, I carried him until he got “too heavy” and I “accidentally” “dropped” him.  He held my hand the rest of the way.

I stayed in the classroom where he sat on my lap a bit, then he was able to stand up.  Finally, she had them sit down to do seat work, and I was able to move away gradually as he started getting more into it.  At last I saw an oportunity to escape, and made my excuses (saying I had to use the toilet), and walked out. 

He managed the rest of the session just fine.  On the way back down the hall with Miss Erin (the SLP), he was just talking her ear off.  Then, he came to me all happy and showed me his sticker which said, “super-duper”.

I want you to know, after we were home a bit, he informed me that he was so proud of me for “breaking away from him in class”, because he “knew it was hard for [me] to leave [him] with a stranger”.

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