just getting everyone up to date

Mikhail is beginning his new speech year this morning.  (I had a rant about that here.)

It’s so CUTE!  He is now dressed, of his own accord, in slacks and a nice shirt (not necessarily color coordinated, but what he wants), with a belt.  He hasn’t even been up a full hour and he’s all ready to go.

I’m going to talk to the new SLP today and ask her to kind of un-officially evaluate his speech.


The outdoor cat has been given a name. “Smoky”.  That was borne of necessity, as it won’t let us determine it’s sex and some kids were getting rather argumentative as to whether it was a “he” or “she”.  Even with the dog going in and out of the house (and the kids) it is not leaving.  And I have not fed it since that first time. . .  

Haven’t noticed as many rabbits in our yard recently though. . .I prefer to think they are hiding.


Mrs. H went with a compromise.  It’s nice to know that we can behave as two grown adults!  She and her family are coming over for game night, tomorrow.  (Thus, part of the incentive for the cleaning spree.)


I now need to get moving, so that I can get myself ready for the grand speech adventure.  Oh, and I still need to get those recycles out!

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