The kittens favorite day is litter changing day.


Not the least of which is for the plastic bags (like the kind from Wal-Mart).

So, when I go up there with the plastic bags they just get all excited playing with them, while I gather the rest of the supplies.  (Thus, the need for more than one plastic bag, as I am sure a hole will be readily “supplied” if I don’t watch it.)

Once all the supplies are gathered, it’s time for the grand game of “chase the broom”.  This is apparently a great game as you never know if the darn thing is attacking or retreating.  It entails much jumping and pouncing, sometimes even stalking.  A kitten can work at ground level or go to a higher elevation (such as a rocking chair) for better vantage.

Then, comes the dumping of the litter.  Not so fun, but during this time the closet doors are opened (because, of course, SOMEHOW, litter managed to find it’s way in there).  So, a terrific expedition is underway covering “exotic” locations, such as the rolled area rugs that I have yet to determine what to do with.

Then, comes the “Christening”.  Now, that’s a bit touchy as it needs to occur BEFORE the dust settles.  Apparently, it does not matter in which manner it is Christened, only that it is done.  Thus far, the kittens have politely taken turns at the Christening game, one in the litter box, while the other is very happily batting the first’s tail.

Then, comes the “clean up game”.  This is where the kittens dart in and out and around my feet while I try to clean up whilst not stepping on a tail or other bodily appendage.  (I’m getting rather good at this part.)


This a.m. I went into the downstairs bathroom, only to discover mouse “droppings” in there.


 I am quite sure this is because we have just had an over 20 degree drop in temperatures this past week.  The poor mouse is probably looking for somewhere warm.  I wish it would look elsewhere.

I need to find the number of the pest people we have a contract with so they can take care of it.

However, until they get out, I’m am already fearing the cat finding said mouse.  The last time that happened didn’t turn out so well (read here).

So, there you have it, the scoop on poop!  😉


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