This is just to ensure I follow through.

I will be posting  more pictures on this post later today!  I need to download them to the ‘puter first. . .but I have muffins coming out of the oven now, so it will have to wait!  😉

So, check back for part 2 (of this post), later today.


Well, I meant to get these on earlier, but my intentions and deeds don’t tend to match up all the time (hopefully, they do in those areas that are truly important).

So, here are the two little guys posing with some of their favorite projects done recently. Garrett is holding a shape “culmination” activity, and Mikhail is holding his color “culmination” acitivity. These are actually both dimensional projects, but I’m guessing it was the angle or some such, that the camera didn’t pick it up.

The younger two went to a preschool fair for a field trip this past week. It was advertised to have a lot of “emergency” type activities. Really, the only thing they had was a demo of a fireman getting all geared up. That had me a bit dissappointed, but the boys still enjoyed it there.

They also got to watch some duck and pig races. This is pretty cool in the eyes of a 5 and 4 yo!

We also got to look at the animals. Something that normally goes over very well, but the joy was destroyed when the guys walked past a pen the same time a (very large) sheep tried to jump out.

Previously we attended a Rennaissance Fair which was having a Celtic heritage emphasis. I liked that! Got to listen to some great music and dancing.

Course the boys were more into the jousting and fighting. . .

. . .like seeing two knights club each other on horseback. . .

All in all, I would say we are successfully keeping busy and passing the time (maybe a bit too well. . .)


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