just back

We took a quickie trip, unexpected as well.  This is very unlike me.  I’m not a fly by the seat of my pants person.

 However, my brother was “in the area”  (“region” may be a more apt term) for a wedding, so we went to spend time with him.

 I don’t want to spend much time writing now, but did want to say this, as we found it hillarious.

Number 1:  my brother was attending the wedding of a dear friend, sadly named “Rhino Eyes”.

(Of course there’s a story to this!)

Ages ago when we lived in England my brother and his friend came to stay for a few days before setting out on a European bicycle tour of their own creation.  Anyway, like the first night at dinner, they are sitting there barely awake and Tyler is just staring at this friend.  It was so bad, I asked him to stop, but he wouldn’t.  Finally, feeling extremely self-conscious the friend asked why Tyler was staring so intently.  Tyler pipes up and says, “You’ve got Rhino Eyes!” (as in little squinty eyes).  NOT one of my prouder Mommy Moments, but certainly memorable.

My brother, being the type of person he is (a pill), has since nicknamed said friend into “Rhino Eyes”  and to protect his identity, thus we shall call him on this blog.

So, yesterday we are leaving the hotel room to attend the wedding of Rhino Eyes.  (Actually, brother was attending, the kids and I went to a neighboring festival.)  We enter the elevator with another family.

The other family has 3.  Mom, Dad, and darling daughter all dressed up.  Then, there’s us:  My brother and his date dressed up, my boys and myself dressed down.  My two youngest holding firmly to my brother’s hands.

Then, Mikhail let’s “one” go.  A bodily excretion of air from the lower end.  A long, drawn-out rat-a-tat-a of noise.

Oh my goodness!

My eyes were immediately highly interested in my toes.  My two oldest were seriously suffering in a sore attempt to contain themselves.  My brother and his date were having problems as well. 

The other family were frustrating themselves with furious facial gestures in a futile attempt to contain themselves. . .

Then, Garrett let one fly too!

Good gracious!

At this point, not a single person on the elevator could contain themselves any longer (though I tell you in all earnestness we all tried to desperately do so, almost causing ourselves harm).

When the elevator hit the ground floor we all “exploded” forth, gales of laughter and giggles.

Man, was I glad I wasn’t holding their hands!


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