“ever-elusive creature”

My Dad always says Drew is like that Disney Cruise (I think?) commercial.

Looking for that “ever-elusive creature”.

I told him, I saw it this past weekend, expecting him to be truly impressed at spotting such a rare creature. He was un-impressed with my word and demanded proof!

So, here, in all it’s un-computer-jimmied glory, is my evidence.

Being that Tyler is a teen now too, thought I’d throw him in for good measure.





So, one might suspect it’s only spotted around water, but no, I found it on land also!


I couldn’t pass up adding these two. Mikhail’s photo just turned out nice in my opinion, and Garrett was running, so I’m impressed I got this.


And I had to add this photo as I find it so funny that Dazzle loves to eat Inigo’s food. This causes Inigo some stress when he discovers Dazzle chowing down, so he immediately comes over to finish off whatever might remain in the bowl. Dazzle doesn’t let that stop him.


PS — For those of you who may not have seen this commercial or forgotten it, the “ever-elusive creature” is a teen smiling.


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