I have been pondering the way of boys. . .

There are times when boys really need their father around.  I mean, honestly, I believe the father should always be there, but I recognize that there are times when he is required more than others.

Now, it just so happens that Jay is deployed now, and according to the infamous “them” (the people whose articles/books I read, but can never remember who wrote), he is gone during a crucial period for, well, all of our boys. 

Bites a big weeny doesn’t it?  I agree!

But, I was considering why these are critical times.  Why does the father need to be here at this time?  Why isn’t the mother “good enough”? 

Some of you may be asking “who cares?”. . .

Now, I have read plenty of articles and books on the subject, but I can’t recall the reasons given for why.  It may have something to do with the fact that many writers tend to “overstate” their premise (get “preachy”** on me).  That automatically puts my brain in “Charlie Brown adult mode”  (you know, how all the adults sound on Charlie Brown).  I actually, feel myself go into that mode, and keep reading the same “wah, wah, wah, wah, wah” line over and over, till I just give up and move on, completely forgetting the point that was trying to be made.

So, before I go doing that myself. . .

I think it all boils down to strength.  My own thought; no infamous “they” to back it up.

But, I think for the younger two they need to see their father’s strength. Strength of body.  The strength required to know that this person will keep you safe.  The strength to say with all confidence that “my daddy can beat up yours”.  (borrowed that phrase from a friend)

However, for the older two, it’s strength also. . .Possibly physical, but I suspect it need to be just as much if not more in the form of “strength of character” and “strength of command”.  (I believe having the physical strength to back up the latter two would be very “helpful”.)

Of course, none of those articles / books ever talk about the wife needing the husband’s strength. . .

The strength need to:

  • carry out the trash
  • do the yard work
  • fix the leaky pipe
  • fix that weird clicky -ticky noise in the van
  • to give a decent hug at the end of a hard day and know that you are fortunate enough to have someone strong enough to stand by you, even when you can be a major pill.




**Mrs. H has frequently asked what I mean when I say I can’t stand to be preached to.  I don’t think I’ve ever given her a satisfactory answer.  (and I don’t think one is forthcoming today)  However, this is part of it.  I appreciate someone making their point.  If they have a story or tale that will re-enforce that point great.  But, “being preachy” is “harping” on a point.  (like a Simpson’s episode where someone keeps being poked and saying “Ow, stop it. . . ow, stop it”, and on and on. . . .)


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