Anyone want to count with us?

Count down that is?

YES!  Jay is due home in 10 wake-ups. 

Egads!  That’s not near enough time!  Do you realize what needs to happen in that time????  Well, trust me, it’s LOTS!

I’m feeling the need to bake cookies. . .


There are 3 things I missed most (missed a lot, but I’m only listing the most) while he was away. . .I can’t quite figure the order though, as some times I would prefer one thing to another.

Therefore, in no particular order:

  • his hugs
  • his conversation
  • his energy

Honorable mention goes to his laugh lines.  Yep, I really miss seeing those.  They truly help to remind me how good life is, and how I should not be so stuffy and uptight.

Makes you wonder what he missed most about me??? 

Certainly not my cranky attitude. . .poor man, I shared that long distance!  Although, I will say, it’s terribly easy to share crankiness long-distance; but, not near as easy to share the love.


There are also a number of things that I have learned to appreciate that he does and to be honest I have probably never given him enough credit or recognition for it.  Again, I have a threesome:

  • his energy — to play with the kids even after his workday
  • yardwork
  • er, yardwork  (I know, this seems like a blow-off. . .but, I truly didn’t realize how much he does in the yard!)

He’s also my “mechanic” and “home repair dude”; but thankfully, he took care of all that before he left and the car and house basically behaved themselves while he was gone.


That’s it for my lists today.   I’m sure I have others, but I’ve got 10 wake-ups to spell them out!


There was a radio report today that caught my attention.  It was saying that if you were a consumer of bottled water (as in you only drank bottled water), and got all of the recommended 64 oz. per day that you would spend $1500 / year!!!  Can you imagine?

Well, I couldn’t, and I heard this report on the way to the commissary (grocery store), so I did a look-see there.  I can buy a 1 gal. jug of water for $0.90.  That would serve 2 people in a day, and there’s 6 in my family.  Total that it comes to $985.5 / year.

I don’t buy water, but I still like those savings.  : )


Big news:  Drew, our teen who refuses to shave, was inspired this weekend.

No, he didn’t shave, but he did get a haircut.  He asked me to cut it 1/2 inch.  That, I did, while informing him that his sideburns would now be longer than his hair.  Apparently this didn’t sit well with him, so he borrowed the clippers and cut them down.

I’ll take any small victory I can get!


Tyler is working with me on his history.  I figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

I need to create a history program / schedule for the younger two.  Also, Tyler needs to have an overview of American History, which we haven’t done.  So, he is working (with my direction) on finding things to use to create the younger twos American History program.  This is fantastic!  He’s doing research on the computer, timeline work, map work, reading, etc. (Of course, he’s doing this at a much faster pace than they will be.)

He is also learning how things “tie” in, instead of just learning “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” as an example.  Learning about the different boats, the navigation advancements, etc.

And, much to his extreme dismay, he is learning how much effort I’ve been putting forth to create his history programs / schedules in the past.

It would be nice if he could find it in himself to appreciate that work.


It is due to rain.  In fact, it’s calling for almost a solid week of it.  Right now the skies look heavy, but the rain isn’t coming down so I have Garrett and Mikhail outside playing.  It means we haven’t done school today. . .but, I don’t see that being a problem much longer, and I think they should enjoy the outside while they can.


Remember me saying there’s LOTS to be done?  Yep, guess I had better get to it.


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