payment plans / other stuff

Oh, but first. . . 8 MORE DAYS!

The boys are on a “payment plan”.  Much to their dismay.  It’s for attitudes that I’ve been getting recently.  (Sure sign that it’s a good thing this deployment is ending soon.)

Mikhail pays me cars.  I’ve now a whole collection of hot wheels that I can play with whenever I wish.  He has to pay me a car whenever he says, “I hate you!  You’re stupid!  You’re dumb!”  (usually because I’m not letting him do something he wishes to do).  He has to pay me 5 cars whenever he’s caught going into an older brother’s room without permission (he swipes things).

Garrett pays me in tv time.  I get a day for everytime he swats or screams at me.

Now, Mikhail has been on his plan for about 3 weeks now; Garrett, just started.  Because they are younger they can “earn” back.  So, everyday that Mikhail goes without sceaming nastiness at me, and doesn’t got into an older brothers room he gets another car returned.  At this point, with him, I’m returning more than I’m “earning”.  I have to say, I like that.

Garrett, as I said, just started 2 days ago.  I’m still “earning”.

Tyler is on the plan too.  That child is forever telling me how to parent, or attempting to parent the younger two himself.  It’s an innitiative I have no desire to encourage, and it is extremely un-helpful.  In fact, it is very destructive.  His payment plan is $1.00 for each time he chooses to behave in this manner.  (He doesn’t get to earn it back.)

Now, the day before I started his plan, I counted his infractions and determined I could easily make over $25 in a day.  I was thinking that’s a great payment plan!  Sadly, that kid is not a dummy and I’ve only recieved $6.  It’s been 4 weeks for him!  Bummer.

Drew is not on the payment plan; he just gets grounded.  Of course, there are days when I think a day at a military boot camp would be an excellent payment (with 3 drill sergeants, and he as the only trainee). . .


Some Halloween/fall time fun:

carve your own pumpkin without the mess.


This is a 40 minute clip that I haven’t really had a chance to watch (I’ve seen the first 5-10 minutes).  I am adding it here to remind me to watch it after the General returns.  You, of course, may watch it earlier.

I think it may have something go along with a discussion on mastery vs. testing. . . which has been appearing on a lot of homeschool groups.  (I mean, I realize it has more than that. . . it’s just a note to remind myself of “thoughts”.)

I think it would be interesting to let the older two watch it as well.


I get a word count as I’m typing this.  I avg. 500 words.  I read a thing long ago that was saying to be a popular blog you should be short and sweet.  Ah well. .  .


Hmmm, had something else to say, but it left me.  I may as well get moving.  It’s a nasty, rainy, cold, drizzly, kind of day.  Perfect for staying inside and getting some much needed work done.  And I’ve only got 8 MORE DAYS!


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