career decisions

I was fixing breakfast with Mikhail this morning.

 Now, let me just say, that all my kids chatter CONSTANTLY.  It’s non-stop.  Truly, it’s enough to drive a person insane.  Just when I think I’m getting a quiet moment from one, another one will come onto the scene.

With that said, I guess I would have to say each of them have their own quiet moments. . . However, I don’t get them.  Because, as soon as one is away being “quiet”; another comes and takes their place.

I guess they don’t want me to be lonely.  😉

Anyway, this morning we were making muffins.  And Mikhail was just going on and on. 

I’ve learned, sadly, to tune a lot out.  But, there are instances when you catch something and it holds your attention.

So, in the midst of the jabber, Mikhail pops out with, “I’ve decided,” (this is a key word cue for mom to start paying attention) “that I’m not going to decide what to be when I grow up.”

Oh really?

“Yep, because there are so many things to do out there.  And there are other things that people haven’t even thought of yet.  So, I am not going to decide what to be till I grow up.”

Isn’t that just brilliant?  From a 4 year old!

Then he pops out with this,

“But, I know I’m not going to be a cop.”

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