crazy weekend

Let’s see, I think it all started on Friday?

 Just a routine trip to the vet, kittens needed their shots.

Then, Friday night / Sat. morning poor Mikhail was “blowing” from both ends.  I think I mopped the bathroom floor 3 times that night.  (This being totally seperate from the vet visit, just related in timeline.)

Saturday, Dazzle, the male kitten, was a hurting unit.  Couldn’t stand to be touched or lay down or anything.  So, back to the vet.  He was a bit dehydrated, and in pain (obviously), so she gave him a liquid IV “push” with pain meds. 

This was hilarious! 

Basically, she put this huge bubble of liquid in between his shoulder blades, that would gradually get absorbed.  When he first got it though he looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  However, it worked  like a charm, and within hours he was feeling himself (although he was looking lopsided).  By Sunday, he was back to normal in both appearance and attitude.

On Sat night, it was another long one in the bathroom with Mikhail.  Poor kid had only had like 10 crackers on Sat. that he was able to keep down, but lost it all that night.

Sunday, he was able to eat crackers and rice in chicken broth. . .Not alot, but enough.

Yesterday he was claiming to feel “all better”; and he ate like he was.  Probably shouldn’t have let that happen, because I was in the bathroom with him again last night.  In hindsight, I probably should have kept it light, and bland. . .

Thankfully, it only seems to have affected Mikhail and the rest of us are doing fine.

I tell you, my bathroom is all sparkly clean right now though!

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