A day / week in the life of. . .

Before I get to the title discussion:

Garrett celebrated his 6th birthday yesterday!  (He’s a Veteran’s Day baby.  How appropriate is that!?)  And earlier this weekend we took a 2 day field trip to the Historic Triangle.  That was great fun.  I think even Drew enjoyed it to a degree.


Well, I’m going to attempt something new today, actually all week.  I’m going to write out how our days go.  There would be a couple of reasons for this:

  • good memory exercise
  • keep me accountable
  • someone asked me to (actually, they asked a number of us to, so “newbies” to homeschooling could get a peek)

So, I will get back on later and repost our day, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  (There will be no cover-ups, or gloss-overs.)  Actually, I’m going to do a week.  Then, at a future date, I’ll do it again. . .


Well, I’d like to preface my daily report by saying that Jay was home, so any lack of doing was due to the fact that I was distracted.

Now, really, isn’t that just a fantastic excuse?  What man is going to read that and grump about a woman wanting to spend time with her husband. . . None, I tell ya!  Well, except for maybe the man who is her husband, and is grumping because he was doing chores all day instead of being loved on.

Ahh, but that’s just sidetracking. . .

I have to tell you, I started the day rather “foggy”.  I think I’m fighting an ear infection, my brain has been in idle much of the day.

But, the kids woke me up at just before 7 and I came downstairs and got them fed while Jay slept in.  The older two came in later and took care of their own breakfast (cereal and blueberry muffins).

Then, I prepped myself for the day (shower and all the jazz), only to put on a pair of jeans taken out of the dryer right before bedtime last night. . .


The whole load had blue, red, and green CRAYON! ALL Over them!!!

Garrett had crayons in his pocket!!!!!

That necessitated a hunt on the ‘net to determine how to clean the dryer as well as the clothes.  (Currently the clothes are washing for the 3rd time.)

Jay was kind enough to get the dryer itself cleaned.  I had Garrett help me scrub all the crayon marks with GoJo Hand Cream (industrial strength stuff that Jay uses when he’s been working on the car) as his punishment.

As a sidenote:  One thing that really stinks as a parent (and one that kids really just DON’T GET) is that when the parent punishes the child they are in fact taking on the punishment themselves.  Even if you ground them from everything in desperation, they come and chatter to you incessantly about some game they wish they were playing or some such. . .

But, I digress.

So, after that episode, I spent some time with the youngers going over their reading and character lessons.

Jay asked me out on a lunch date!  So, I popped a pizza in the oven for a boys and giddily headed out the door with him.

Oh, but I don’t want you to think that I was lolligagging. . .

There we go. . .we went out for  “strategy meeting” over Chinese.  We discussed some behavior issues amongst our clan, home redecoration projects, and garden plans.  HA!  Multi-tasking. . .  See, I was not playing hookie!

Ah, but when we returned home, the little guys were asleep, and the older two doing their own school work (although I had to fuss at Tyler a couple of times to remind him what he was supposed to be doing).

The little ones slept for a long time, so I sat down intending to grade papers.  I graded one. A math test of Tyler’s where he made a lot of careless errors.  Enough that I had a “discussion” with him and informed him that he would redo the entire chapter (written out) just to ensure that next time he does a test he doesn’t forget to show his work!

Then, I talked on the phone with my Mom, planning Christmas vacations.

Helped Jay with some insulating. 

Had a monologue from Garrett about the size of his most recent b.m.

Completely forgot to call and schedule physicals for the younger two kids, need to do that tomorrow.

Then, my friend Sunshine, who is on a raw diet, called to talk.  I cooked some shortcake, cornbread and tortellini soup while I was on the phone with her.  😉 

After dinner (the shortcake was terrific with the strawberries!), I cut Jay’s hair in preparation for him to return to work tomorrow.

Now, I’m about to end this, so I can go and veg in front of Chuck and Heroes. . .

2 comments on “A day / week in the life of. . .

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love your blog. A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler is a great project. I think it will be very helpful for those considering homeschooling or those of us who already do and want to know if we’re NORMAL. Ha!


  2. Tina in VA says:

    I love your sense of humor! You really just tell it like it is. I think you are “normal” and will bless so many folks by sharing your life. Enjoy the journey.
    I really love your cats. We have two 7mo olds ( we call them the twins) who lovingly rearrange our laps, our schoolwork and such.

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