Day / Week in the life. . .DAY3

ooof. . .

My day really went all out of wack.

I had paperwork that needed doing this a.m. and took most of the morning.

Then, we had to run to speech class for Mikhail, followed by a trip to the library to return books, pay a $21! fine, and get books for next week.  Then, we had to go to Walmart for a coffee filter. . .that’s it, just a simple stainless steel < $5 coffee filter.

But, Mikhail was attacked by a monster.  The kind of demon that occassionally attacks even the most wary of kids. . .

“The Crank Monster”


First he was hot and wanted to take his fleece off.  Then, he wanted me to hold it.  Well, I just don’t believe it’s my job to hold such a thing.  That did NOT go over well.

Then, while we were waiting at the checkout, he realized in the process of taking off said fleece, that he had dropped his speech sticker.

OH! did the tears roll then!

You know, out of 4 kids I think I’ve had 5 embarrassing “fit” moments from them. . .3 have been from him.

Got to the car only to discover that the lost sticker was in fact stuck to the bottom of his shoe.  You’d think he’d have been happy about that!  But no!  The Crank Monster had bitten and was not letting go of my poor defenseless lad.

Ah, but the Crank Monster had to do battle with a warrior Mom; who was frankly not willing to put up with it. . .

We got home at 1302, he was in bed by 1307 and asleep by 1310.

Crank Monsters can’t battle whilst asleep.

So, I did battle with grading papers.  I despise grading papers, and therefore procrastinate more than I should.  There is something about reading a wrong math answer and realizing the child (YOUR child) got it wrong because they forgot to carry the two — which they wouldn’t have done had they SHOWN their work.  Or reading an entire composition with nary a period, “It’s there Mom, you just can’t see it cause your eyes are so old.”  Grrr.  Or, you get an answer to a question about the definition of “work” (in Chemistry), and the answer states “it’s all because of the definition of work:”  Oh help me!  At least that child had the sense to admit he had completely boloed that answer.

Jay brought me flowers, because I had “fixed” the sink yesterday. . . .it broke today.

Someone asked what I do different from public school

  1. I have a nightly parent / teacher conference
  2. It’s only the father of my students that ever attends
  3. We’ve been having a long-term affair 😉

(I apologize if you find these “flippant”, sometimes you just need a stress break, ya know?  However, I did put honest responses in my Homeschool Overload file. )

Here’s something I did today that’s somewhat similar.

I had a “Teacher Work Day”.  Except, 1/2 my students still did all their work.

Do you ever wonder about that “event”?   A “Teacher Work Day”?  That always annoys me when I see that on the school calendar.  I mean, if there’s only 3-4 times a year that the teacher has a “work day”; and none of the students come in on that day, what exactly are the teachers doing when the students are in class???

No, please, don’t be offended if you are a teacher!  Truly, I know that many work like dogs.  But, they need to come up with a better name, like maybe an honest one, “Teacher catch-up day”, or “Teacher Red Tape day” or . . .something.

Oh, and I had said that I’d talk a bit more about the older two.

Drew is basically on his own.  He prefers it that way; despises having to come to me for help.  I give him a weekly schedule and he does it.  Any problems or questions he comes to me.  Currently, though, we are fighting about foreign languages.  I “know” two (and that’s vaguely).  Jay also knows two — we overlap in one, Arabic. 

That’s what Drew wants to learn.

I remember how to ask “Where is the bathroom?” in Arabic.  (And the answer better be pointing.)

Jay does NOT like teaching.

So, I got Drew a computer immersion program.  He hates it.

I want to scream.

I’m trying to convince him Spanish is good.  He’s saying he wants sign language. . .


Tyler wants Japanese, but he’s not there yet.

Tyler, well, I have to be right on top of him.  If I’m not at least checking on him very frequently, then he’ll be gone.  He’s the Incredible Vanishing Kid.  Sometimes, it’s legit; he’s reading a school book in a different room.  However, it’s more likely that he’s trying to sham.  If he were in school, he’d be hurting, having assuredly fallen through the cracks long ago.  Part of the reason we pulled him from public school.  The funny thing is, he really enjoys school and learning, I mean when he’s talking to us about it.  But, when he’s talking to other teens. . .



I looked for a lapbook on time.  No one has done one, that I could find.  I thought about attempting to do one myself, but I didn’t have the oomph, and the book I would have used was way past due.

You’re curious about Lap books? (click the link)

I have one major roadblock in my head to creating lapbooks.  They talk about all the folds and shapes, etc.  But, I have yet to see anything that says, “a ______ fold would be perfect for these types of activities:——–.”

For example:  the wheel gizmo, it’s perfect for “stages”, like the life cycle of a frog, or butterfly, or plant, etc.

And I saw another thing, like a peek-a-boo book, which would be perfect for story sequencing.

I’m just saying it would be nice to see those little tidbits.  Sometimes, I just need a starting point.  At this point it’s like information overload. . .a parachute without any strings attached, to connect it to me, kind of deal.

Anyway, I really enjoyed Melissa Telling’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Another favorite is Amy Pak’s Time Traveler’s Series

I have to tell you, one of the things that I like most about both of these is the professional looking “outside”.  Please understand this is just me, personally.  I guess some would oppose them as they aren’t completely “home-made”.

I need to get back to the paper grading struggle.


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