Day / week in the life. . . DAY 5 (FINAL)

Good Morning.

 I’m going to run this one a bit different, or rather, that’s the intent.  Today’s post will be frequently updated throughout the day, and it will have times.

A warning, Tyler was caught earlier this week, doing poorly on a test, which required him to do the entire chapter over.  He is now behind in his weekly school schedule; so he will be  doing that work today (and probably some this weekend as well).  You will probably see multiple maths, English lessons, etc. next to his name.

Also, I want to remind everyone, there is no such thing as a “typical” homeschool day.  I do not have a loud, obnoxious bell in my house that rings when I should be switching subjects, or for starting or ending school.  If my kids have attitudes, I deal with them immediately — not send a note home.  And there is the “home” stuff that needs doing.

I do hope this has been helpful for some, possibly entertaining for the others.

0500 — my alarm woke me up.
0501 — Jay’s alarm went off
0501-0544 — laid in bed waiting for Jay to leave (he turns on all the house lights in the a.m. and that hurts my light-sensitive eyes)  Forgot he was waking and leaving later than normal (he’s normally out of the house by 0510).
0544 — heard Mikhail get up and run to the bathroom
0545 — Mikhail and I head downstairs, he goes to the couch and I to the coffee pot
0603 — Garrett comes downstairs
0608 — current time boys are eating Honey Nut Cheerios.  I have all ready been reminded that I promised water color painting this a.m.  Mikhail has told me that his bedtime bunny has a hole and needs to be sewn.  The kittens, all 5 pounds of them, are running pell-mell through the house sounding like a herd of elephants.  The boys are now discussing ice skating.


0633 — Tyler stumbles down the stairs, blinking in the light (he’s light-sensitive too)
0642 — Garrett and Mikhail are in seperate corners for being too loud (Drew is still snoozing)
0650 — I’m starting my breakfast

ASIDE:  This is an incredibly boring way to write out a day, isn’t it???  Or maybe I’m being WAY too specific.  (I am doing it this way based on a number of requests. . .I guess it forces you to “see/live” the details?)  Tell you what, I’ll back off on this a bit (for my own peace of mind — and you guys just really don’t want to know about all the potty breaks and what not, do you???)  And that way, we may all come out of this with our sanity intact.


0700 (like clockwork)  Drew comes down the stairs.  I think he’s slept in a total of twice this year.

Garrett and Mikhail set off happily (and loudly) up the stairs and actually remember, all on their own, to feed the kittens.

Tyler bundles up and is out the door with our dog for his “morning constitutional”.

Tyler wants a snake for a pet.  I don’t!  But, I’m trying to be “fair”.  I told him that he could get a snake as long as he was completely financially responsible for the creature and IF he could take the dog out without needing reminders for a total of 3 months.  I told him that back in July.  We are restarting the 3 month countdown (again) as of yesterdy.  The fact that he keeps reminding me, and that he’s getting further and further each time he goes for the 3 months, tells me that we will indeed have a snake for a pet someday. . . It gives me a while to “warm-up” to the idea though.

Drew just opened a junkie cereal and then looked up and asked me if we (the little guys) had all ready done our cereal mosaic project.  As soon as he saw the nod of affirmation he emptied that box in his bowl.

It’s now 0726, and time for us to do our morning routines.


0820  — Morning chores are done

Just fielded a call from Jay who needed a computer file for something he needs to do at work, that was on our computer.  Little guys got ready early and finished a school project from yesterday (involving cutting) while I finished getting myself ready and just finished picking up the 1st floor.  As soon as I find the paper they will be painting.

0837 — watercolor paper (that I know I have) can’t be found, so boys are using regular ole paper. (They don’t care, and in fact the only reason why I care is because I know I have some somewhere in this house!)  Tyler is in the midst of one math lesson; and Drew is just tromping upstairs to start his school.

I’m going to go do some cleaning whilst everyone is busy.


0923  vacuumed and mopped 1st floor floors (minus dining room and kitchen) and stairway.  (The dining room is Tyler’s job; the kitchen, Drew’s.)

Right when I went to clean there was a bit of a crash.  Razzle, our female kitten, decided to play with the cord on the venetian blinds, pulled them straight down on herself and broke one of the brackets in the process.  (All ready went down to the workshop and found replacement brackets, but can’t decide whether I should do it or wait until Jay gets home and let him handle it.)  Then, little “Miss Fearless” decided that playing with the vacuum power cord would be great fun.  The swiffer was highly entertaining too.  You know, if I went through life with her mentality, I might actually enjoy cleaning.

The boys took a break during their painting session to do some dusting for me. 

I despise dusting, and at this stage, the boys think it’s grand fun, so I take advantage of it.

Tyler has finished two maths.  Not nearly as exciting as it sounds as he just started a new book, so it’s all review at this point — it really shouldn’t take him long at all.

Right now the younger 3 of the clan are tearing around the downstairs with the dog.  I can’t quite tell if they are playing tug of war or “boxing”  (They watched Rocky for the first time last night.)  I think it’s some weird combo.   I also think I should probably call an end to it before “fist-to-face” contact is actually made.

I’m going to take the younger two upstairs and do some math with them.  Oh, no wait, we are going to do a bit more chores first.


Okay, Garrett and Tyler finished folding the laundry and we put it all away (2 loads).  Now the boys are eating banannas, because they were “greatly hungered”.  Must have something to do with the early wake-up. . .you think?

It’s 1002 and Tyler is starting his 3rd math of the day. 

The younger two and I are going to go upstairs and do some schoolwork, of some variety, that I have yet to decide upon (I’ll have to look at their schedule).  Actually, I’m thinking another cup of coffee right now might be good.  Then, we’ll go up and do school.


We did math.  We are finally up to 10, but they don’t have all their facts “set”.  And we did paperwork in math too. . .we have some directional issues that will have to be worked on.  Mikhail wants to always start at the bottom to write, and Garrett goes right to left.  I know this is an age developmental thing. . .  They got a bit silly, so I’m probably going to have to go over stuff again.  *sigh*

1100-1150 lunch — leftovers

Well, Garrett and I got into it right before lunch.  I don’t know what set him off, but next I knew he was screaming at me and storming off.  Aaaarghhh!  I truly, even now that he’s settled down, don’t have the foggiest what got him started.  I don’t like being screamed at though, and he got his heiney popped.

While we were eating got a call from some American Veterans organization asking for donations.  Did you know they calculate ~ 1/3 of homeless people in the US are veterans???!  I did not, so I did a computer search after lunch.  Found this.

This did start a good discussion during lunch amongst the olders.  Thinking about why they may be homeless, how help (and of what types) may be “served”. 

One thing to love about homeschooling, you get to see your kids use their knowledge and experience and pull from it all to come up with conclusions. . .all day long, and about many topics.

But now, lunch is over, Drew has done the dishes, and now all the kids have vanished.

Oh, wow, Tyler just came down and announced he was taking Inigo (the dog).  That child may make it through the day yet. : )

I’m going to put the little ones down for a rest in just a bit.  Hate to say it, as I know it will get ugly, but I’m actually hoping they don’t fall asleep.  I’d like to put them down earlier tonight.  Their older brothers are going to a birthday party this evening.  I could have a “date” with Jay 😉


It’s 1330, and I “squandered” that hour.

Played Collapse II and scored 617,863.

I was on the phone with Mrs. H (the birthday boy’s mom); his birthday isn’t really into later this month, and we’ll be going to a family party then, so that’s when we’ll be bringing our gift.

Also, on the phone with Jay, getting details ironed out, as he is taking next week off work as well.

One thing about being deployed is he didn’t lose any of of “use / lose” leave, so now he has all these extra days, on top of the 60 days he all ready has accumulated.

The little guys didn’t fall asleep. 

I played the “I-love-you-this-much” game with Mikhail.  I like that game!

I’m starting to feel “lazy”.  The day is catching up to me.  I have a couple of more readings to do with the younger two, as well as one more math, and their final letter page to complete (glue it together). . .oh, and a drawing lesson.

Tyler has done a grammar test.  He needs to do another lesson.  And we need to do a history (this is a subject I do WITH him).

Drew got caught playing his game longer than he had permission for.  I’ll have to come up with a suitable punishment.  He’s going to hate it, as I’m thinking I’ll give him 15 min/ day by my watch.  I think I’m too soft on him.

Drew needs to be dealt with in school, also.  His writing compositions are. . . .frustrating.  I need to deal with it, but at this moment, I’m too tired.

Well, Garrett just hit Mikhail (they were “playing”).  So, I need to get off and give these kids some direction.  I think the first direction I’ll head though, is toward the Tylenol.


1450 — snack time (boys are having pineapple fruit cups)  Mommy had 2 mini Hershey bars, but SHHH! don’t tell!

I somehow managed to save all the poetry reading for today.  I think it happened because I was trying to get all the library books back.

Anyway, we did our drawing lesson, and completed their letter page.  We are almost done with the reading and then we will do math.

Tyler is working on his 4th math for the day.  He tells me he’s done 3 grammars. . .I’ll have to double check.  He has a nasty tendency to only doing things halfway, especially if he’s doing more than one a day.  (Of course, if he hadn’t done so poorly on his test through sheer carelessness. . . .!)

Mikhail just tripped over the dog, so has an ice pack on his leg.

I don’t have a clue what to fix for dinner.  Something with chicken I think. . .


It’s 1530, and the little guys and I are done!  In fact, I think we have all reached our kapoot point.  We managed to finish our last math, but just barely.  Thankfully, it was just a matching game.  (I know it looks like an insane amount, but really the younger two boys only did 2.5 hours of “school work” all told.)

Now, I have to do checking on the older guys’ work.

I think, though, that this has gotten long enough.  Certainly I made up for yesterdays lack of posting, right?  If I start feeling energetic, which at the moment I positively am NOT, I’ll post more.

I guess, if anyone has complaint or comment, they will assuredy post it.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

One comment on “Day / week in the life. . . DAY 5 (FINAL)

  1. Sarah F. says:

    Yep, that sounds about right. Although, my two youngest aren’t doing any school yet. Proud of you for only 2 cups of coffee 🙂

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