Events of the day

It was one of those days that simply would have been insane had Jay not all ready taken the time off.  As it was, we were able to “divide and conquer”; although, to be honest, I’m the one feeling “conquered”.

Jay took Mikhail to speech and then did the shopping.  And on that note you all should be impressed, as I actually had a list for him AND a weekly menu done.  (Makes it easy when one day is “traditional”.)

I, on the other hand, took Garrett  for a speech “interview” at an “institute”.  (It’s got a name, but that would give too much away — just be impressed with the “institute”.)  It took us 8 months to get seen there.

I was all excited because I thought this would be like a interview type deal where they would tell me when they would start taking Garrett for speech.

(Remember, he has verbal apraxia.)

It was an evaluation instead:  hearing and speech.  We were there for 3 hours!

I did get a good bit of cross-stitch done.

But, they interviewed me first.  They were utterly shocked when at the end of the interview I told them that Garrett did not know how to read.  (Felt that was important they know that as they were going to be testing him.)

Yes, my just turned 6 year old son does not know how to read, and we homeschool.  Oh heaven help us all!


He’s learning; he’s making progress, and he’s enjoying the ride. . .I’m good with that.  It’s not like he’s a highschool graduate who’s illiterate.

Then, came the testing for him, nearly 2 hours.  He got two breaks to get a drink of water.

The resulting conclusion of the exams was that he needs speech.

3 hours and I walk out of there knowing nothing more or less than the knowledge I had when I walked in there!

Same can not be said for the SLP (speech-language pathologist).

No, she learned that the reason we were coming is because we homeschool, and the city refuses to provide special ed. services to homeschoolers of school-age children.  (I have a rant here, so there’s no point re-hashing. . .)

“What?”  she asked.
“How can it be, that they can refuse you?  You pay taxes just like everyone else.  Your taxes go to the schools for that reason. . . .”

How, indeed!

She even *almost* accused me of not knowing what I was talking about.  It wasn’t till I listed off the state law, the Senators who are trying to change it, the title of their past bill, etc. that she honestly started taking me seriously.

Then she really started.

Indignation.   I think that’s the best word to describe her reaction.

Yeah, imagine if you were the parent.

My options for treatment turned out to be the “institute” which has an incredibly long waiting list, or the local school (which as she finally saw, was really not an option) or private SLPs.

. . . *sigh*. . .

She sent me off with the name and number of the “institute’s” parent advocate lawyer.


At least I arrived home to a husband who had done the shopping and even put lunch in the oven.

After hearing about my morning, he went off too.  About how “you” homeschoolers have to unite and start a movement and get this bill pushed through, so kids like Garrett could recieve services they need.

I reminded him that he was not only the other parent of Garrett, but considered a homeschooler as well. . . .

He said we need to start giving Garrett speech lessons at home on our own.

Yes, I will add that to the schedule, while I contine to take Mikhail to speech at the school (because he’s not school-aged yet).


Jay went shopping today, I mean, other than for groceries.  He went and bought 7 new windows for the house (our “extension area”).  He won’t put them up till spring, but he got them at this place that doesn’t really have a “stock”.  Kind of like a. . .What are they called?  . . .stores like Big Lots and TJ Maxx (I think).

Anyway, they just happened to have the exact sizes he “needs”.

He’s just all happy with himself. . .


One comment on “Events of the day

  1. Shelly says:

    I just read a little bit about your visit to the “institute”. I am curious as to whether or not you would go through the 3 hour eval. if you had it to do over again?

    My dd (5), is delayed in all areas (speech especially). She is on a waiting list to be evaluated in Feb.. I am worried about spending $1800 for nothing more than re-iterating what I already know!

    Nobody has a REASON as to why she is delayed. We have had several tests done, but nothing has been found. I am interested in this new word (to me) – Apraxia. I have not heard it before and will have to do some research.

    I am just very curious as to what solutions you have come up with to teach at home? I previously had my dd in a Child Development Program with her own IEP, but was very disappointed and frustrated with the teachers, so pulled her out.

    They are very AGAINST homeschooling. I went in thinking we would be a TEAM, but that was not the case. I was nieve I guess. My opinions and questions were considered an “attack” on their degrees and there knowledge. They couldn’t POSSIBLY see my questions and thoughts as an interest in my dd’s well-being.

    Anyway, I would be greatful of any books, curriculum, advice or ANY help that you may have come across that you have found to be beneficial.

    Currently, I am using SWR (which is GREAT!), RS for math, but everything else is miscellaneous stuff. I am like you, though, I like things VERY structured and organized! Without it, I feel lost and don’t feel like things get accomplished.

    Thank you for your time. Sorry this is so long. Your situation with the eval sounds all too familiar and would love to hear more about your experience. Thanks so much!

    Matthew – 9
    Michael – 6
    Shaylee – 5 (more approx. age is 3)

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