Now isn’t this a coinky-dink!

I’ve been emailing companies / people left and right for the last couple of weeks getting permission to post the schedules I created.  I truly don’t want to break any copyright laws.

Last night I received this comment:

Did you know your content is being ripped off by another site?
Just wanted to let you know

Apparently, someone is seriously desperate to be copying my blogs!  I mean truly!

I’m a bit irked, to be sure.  I guess this is some gimmick used to get people to their site, where they have sidebars jammed with ads they hope you will click on.

By all means, if you are desperate for Viagra, go to the above site!  Or maybe your doctor. . .

They have combined my blog posts with a bunch of other peoples, so I think it’s quite a bit disjointed and obviously NOT their own work.

Anyway, there is much to talk about today’s goings ons, but I have to cook dinner (and it honestly takes me some time to “craft” and type out my blogs).


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