I don’t know how anyone does it!

I took my turkey out of the freezer yesterday (put it in the frig).  That darn bird is still as hard as a rock.

I don’t think in all my Thanksgivings I’ve ever had a thawed bird.  I mean, at least, not “correctly” thawed.  I generally resort to throwing the fowl on the counter and waiting in desperation for it to thaw.  (The cold water “thaw” technique doesn’t seem to work for me either.)

Ah well.  That’s for tomorrow’s worries.


Today is pre-Thanksgiving baking day!  It is actually one of my favorite days of the year.  I love to bake.  But, what’s especially nice about this particular day is that all the boys are more than happy to make whatever accomodation necessary to allow me to bake.

Jay is taking Mikhail to speech today.

Drew is staying on top of the dishes, so I have space to work in my tiny kitchen.

Tyler is going to keep on top of his chores (well, that’s the hope).  And Garrett and Mikhail have said they will be playing nicely all day.


The one thing I do wish for on this day (well, actually, everyday).  Is a nice big kitchen.  I used to have one (a couple) at different locations, but this one is tiny.

Really, only one person can work in there comfortably.  However, our family has developed some weird ktichen dance as frequently there’s at least two of us in there.

I know someday I’ll have my dream kitchen.  You just always want it sooner. . .


I’m going to do something different today, this year.  I think I mentioned how I was looking forward to going to homeschool conventions this past summer, but due to Jay’s “sudden” deployment, those plans got nixed.

Well, I bought the convention CDs.  All the speakers that were at the conventions I wanted to attend were taped.

So, I’m having an at-home homeschool convention / baking day today.

I know you are truly envious!


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