In-home homeschool conference

Well, as I stated earlier, today was my pre-Thanksgiving baking day.  I also stated that I was going to be listening to a homeschool conference CD.

Well, the original plan was to put it in the CD player to listen to it; however, it wasn’t set up to work with a regular CD player apparently.  So, I had to play it on the laptop.

My laptop is always connected to the internet.

So, I proceed to play the CD, this morning, whilst doing prep work for the baking.

Did you know most of my emails arrive in the morning?

I was so excited to listen! I was going to be able to, for the first time ever, hear a workshop given by a lady who’s books I truly appreciate.  In fact, I was going to hear my first ever homeschool workshop!  Very cool!  (I mean it would have been truly spectacular to go to the conference, but maybe it’s best that I break into it slowly.)

So, I was listening to a talk about the process of writing.  (I did mention that my children’s writing leaves something to be desired, right?)  I was even further thrilled when the speaker said, you don’t have to take notes as they are available at her website.  Truly, a good thing as my hands were dealing with cranberries at the moment.

However, as the speaker got going her words started getting “bleeped”.  I mean an honest to goodness “bleep!”  I was shocked, to say the least!  Never in a million, bazillion years would I have thought that Susan Wise Bauer would speak in such a manner that would require “bleeping”!!!

er. . . .Then it hit me that my computer “bleeps” to let me know that I’ve recieved a new email.

As it turned out, between the bleeping and the kids, I had to relisten to the whole workshop (after disconnecting the internet) and I’m very happy to report that Dr. Wise Bauer said nothing to be “bleeped” for.


There was one comment that was made during Susan’s workshop that I don’t quite agree with.  Understand it, yes. . .and I don’t necessarily disagree. . .

I guess someone asked about “journals” (you can’t really hear the audience).  She said she didn’t really see any educational value in having journals and therefore if your kids didn’t like doing it, don’t make them.

I kind of agree with that.  Maybe, if I gave it more thought, I’d even whole-heartedly agree with the wording of her statement.

However, I have read that journals /diaries are fantastic memory aids, and that they help you focus on the events of your day.  (I should probably document this in some way, like by giving you a link to some article written by some guru. . .nah, I don’t have it in me tonight.)

For the above reasons, I require my kids (boys remember!) to journal their days.

And, maybe because they are boys, when you read Drew’s journal you will be privie to every single meal he has eaten since he began his journal ~ 3 years ago.  Tyler’s is actually a little more exciting with lists of woods to be used for bows and different types of rocks for tools and arrowheads.


Jay keeps going in the kitchen and “snuffing”.  Reminds me of a dog.  He keeps threatening to cut either into the pies or the bread.  The boys are grumbling because they have to wait till tomorrow to “dig in”.  Yet, they aren’t grumbling too terribly as Drew has really stayed on those dishes in an effort to help me out with the baking.  Tyler has all ready offered to help with the cooking tomorrow. . .

I need a bigger kitchen.


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