Foreign funny

We had just arrived in England (new military duty station).  I guess this took place about 3-4 months after the actual move.

Anyway, when you first get there the military has this whole briefing on “terms”.  Like the “boot” and “bonnet” of a car (trunk and hood).  How you should never use the term “fanny” pack (it’s a “bum” pack).  But they just don’t tell you everything.  The rest you learn from your children. . .

Did you know, in England, “willy” is a slang term for a, er, male body part?

We didn’t!

In fact, I had just found that out, from my kids, about 5 minutes before our English dinner guests arrived for dinner one night . Jay got stuck at work and actually arrived at home after they.

I can’t recall, but I believe this was the first time they were over for dinner.  Their children (boys) were the same age as our older two and they just lived across the street.

I thought to myself it was one of those oddball items that could wait till after they left.

And, then, right after desert when the kids were tearing around the house, Jay grabbed one of theirs and evilly suggested he should give him a “wet willie”!

(to clarify: a wet finger in the ear)

Can you imagine the looks of the parents and the poor boy????!


Thankfully, I broke out in laughter and everyone took a moment to figure out what was going on!

They are some of our better friends now, but, “wet willies” are never given!

One comment on “Foreign funny

  1. Sarah F. says:

    Let me just say “Rock On!”

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