good morning

I’m trying something different today.

On my “schedule” (that I never seem to follow), it says I’m to wake at 0500, exercise and then have quiet time / school prep time.

My alarm goes off at 0500 and I generally turn it off and go back to sleep.  I don’t even pretend to fake it by hitting the snooze button.

I decided it’s the whole idea of getting up and exercising that’s causing me to rebel, so I’m reversing the order a bit by having quiet time / school prep time first. . .then *supposedly*, I’ll exercise later.

So far, so good.  I got up at . . .

. . .well, actually, I got AWAKENED at 0442 by Jay’s unit calling to inform him that there was a “whiz quiz” this morning.  (AKA “urinalysis”)

Now, after 18 years I can tell you that they are always surprised when I answer the phone.  “Oh, I’m so sorry for waking you ma’am!  Would it be possible for me to speak to Jay?”

I wonder what they would do if I said, “no”?  Sometimes, I think I should, just to see the reaction, but considering how apologetic they are at calling, and the fact that it is SO early in the morning, I never do.

However, I’m still amazed that they are surprised that I answer.  I mean most of them are married, don’t they know men don’t wake in the night for ANYTHING?  Maybe it’s just my men.

Anyway, I not only woke up, but I got myself out of bed.  Given the colder temperatures, that’s a minor miracle in and of itself!  So far, everything is going according to plan.  Oh, and I even got a bonus in!  Jay, since he had to drive into work instead of taking the van pool, said he would do the grocery shopping; so, I did up a grocery list for him.

One last item of note.  We have a huge hole in the dining room wall. . .More on that (with pictures) later.


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