taking out the frustrations.

Today my goal is to finish the paperwork pile(s). I honestly could care less if anything else gets done. I feel like I’ve got 200 things up in the air right now, and I REALLY need to accomplish just ONE thing. I figure of all of those things, paperwork is a fire hazard, so I’m hitting it first.

Yeah, it’s a big pile. I have every receipt for every purchase made since we moved here! I have an insane amount of IEP paperwork (which I need to keep, but at least I’ll have it centrally located). I have ALL the school papers for ALL the boys for the last two years! (Paper recycle is tomorrow. . .another impotice (sp?) to complete the paperwork today.) I have brochures of places we’ve visited or want to visit. . . . BIG doesn’t even begin to describe this!

I do have to take Mikhail to speech today, which I’m not happy about. I can not even begin to tell you how “angry” I feel every time I *have* to take him in. It really shocks me how venomous I am at the thought that I can get him speech, but not Garrett who truly needs it. Even more so, that Mikhail only needs it because he is modeling Garrett!




I truly got so upset about taking Mikhail to speech I was ready to call it quits, but had the foresight to call Jay first. . .

He suggests, logically so, that we keep taking Mikhail to speech as the Senator told me last year that should they push the bill forward again, they are going to request that I “testify”. Jay says it would look bad if I don’t take Mikhail to speech even though he’s still eligible, but am fighting for Garrett’s right to go to speech.

I hate when he gets logical!

So, even though I still feel like this is akin to teaching the tail to wag the dog, I will be taking Mikhail to speech with a smile on my face. 

Or maybe a grimmace. . .

My paper shredder died. . . it’s motor konked out. I had like 30 pages left, but it just couldn’t hack it. They got shredded the old fashioned way.

All the rest of the paperwork is actually put away in its respective locations.

The good news is, if the state were to call and say they wanted to do a records review (which they are allowed to do), then I’m more than ready for them! They would be in complete awe of my organization. . .

ummm, One would hope they call by the end of the week before it gets all crazy again. . .


One comment on “taking out the frustrations.

  1. Sunshine says:

    Why’d you have to go and remind me about paperwork?! I’m severely behind too. But I was hoping if I closed my eyes, concentrated REALLY hard, and then opened them, it would all miraculously be done! 😀

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