trying again

I did try posting earlier this weekend (a number of times) but it never actually made it. 

Which is really FRUSTRATING when you spend so much time writing something out and it just gets lost in cyber-space!

Let me see if I can do a quick update:

Friday we went on a field trip with the H family, who I have got to come up with nicknames for as they seem to frequent my blog posts.

We went to a holiday band concert then walked around the town a bit finally finding ourselves a museum.  Sadly, I can’t post many pictures as there are too many identifiable landmarks in them.

Here’s the concert hall all decked out. 

They put on a good show.  It was definately geared for the younger crowd (it was open to schools too), which made it a bit more “educational”.  I wonder if they were prepared for all the audience participation they recieved?  We had a school group “next” to us that just had to join in and found many ways to do so. 

(Not that it was bad. . .just unexpected for me.) 

Now, Mrs. H threatened requested that I not add any photos in this blog post that have her rear-end included.  (She had a knack for getting in between me and the ‘subject’.)  I am sorely tempted; however, her saving grace is that all those shots also include some of those identifiable landmarks.

So, I’ve a front shot.  Mr. H with Baby H and Mrs. H.  Jay is behind them. 

I do apologize to Mrs. H as she and I both know that I got a much better shot of her and her hubby, but I didn’t get any good ones of Jay, so I had to compromise.

I’m guessing it was due to “constant motion” and wide open spaces, but it was very difficult for me to get all the kiddoes in one shot.  So, you’ll have to settle for this one.


It was so fun as I got to walk with their 7 year old daughter who kept telling me that this was NOT a school day because it was too fun!  I had her in giggles as every time we came to something that was remotely educational I told her she couldn’t read it and tried to drag her away.  (She read each and every “forbidden fruit” she could and even started dragging me toward things!) 



I’m pretty sure I did something yesterday. . .

I did start and finish a consumer math schedule.  (It will be combined with the economics schedule.)

hmmm. . .

Jay finished trimming all the windows. (And I don’t mean Christmas “trimming”; I mean the molding trim around the new windows he put in last spring.)


Sunday morning:

I have yet to do ANY Christmas shopping. I don’t have a clue what to get anyone but Tyler. (And what he wants is the extent of his Christmas budget, so I’ll have to figure out something else.)

Should probably get on that; and Christmas Cards too. . .

Anyway, in an effort to procrastinate. . .

I have to grade papers, work on scheduling, swap two bookcases (as in actual locations) and cross stitch today. (In fact, I will have to cross stitch a good number of HOURS every day in order to finish Mikhail’s stocking which has taken me 4 years thus far — because I’m an excellent procrastinator!)

Also, Tyler has some school work to complete from last week.  Because he’s an excellent procrastinator too.


Something about reaping and sowing comes to mind. . .

Sunday evening:

Haven’t picked up my cross-stitch at all!

The bookcases took me over 4 hours, and technically they aren’t done.  I was looking at some of the books thinking, have I EVER read this?  Will I ever?  (Gifts from people who don’t really know me.)  Or books of Jay’s, that we have carried around the globe and back again which I have never seen him crack open!

So there are about 3 piles of books on the floor waiting for me to decide what to do with them. 

Jay was just seen scurrying in there to salvage what he could (thinking I won’t notice).

Tyler got some of his work done. . .

Totally forgot to grade papers.  Did get 1/2 of the Am. Gov’t schedule done; am itching to finish it, you know, to cross it off my list.  (We won’t discuss the fact that it wasn’t even ON my list today. . .)

Oh, and Jay cut a huge honkin’ hole in the ceiling today.  He was attempting to find a roof leak.  He’s not 100% sure he found it, but he thinks he may have.  He even got the hole patched up again (but not “fixed” as it may need to be removed if he didn’t truly find the leak).

Oooof. . .if I had to grade myself on the outcome of the day. . .

“Incomplete” and “Room for Improvement” come to mind. . .but that basically describes my entire life.


3 comments on “trying again

  1. Sunshine says:

    Your “Incomplete” and “Room for Improvement” are better than some people’s good days!

    You are too funny! I love reading your writing. Hey, I know, you should write a book! All those in favor say “Aye”. “Aye”! 😀

  2. Sarah F. says:

    Aye…I don’t know how she finds time to blog much less get anything done and/or do school and/or breath. Feeling your pain sweetie and joining you in your search for the “oomph.”

  3. corefoundations says:

    Well, given that you both account for 2 of my 5 “faithful readers”, that means a great deal. Given that I only have approximately 5 “faithful readers” (the other 3 being family), I’m thinking no sane publisher will go for the idea.

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