day beginnings

It’s oh-dark-thirty (it’s much easier to be up at this time in the winter than in the summer. . .) and I’m up in an attempt to do some work without interruptions.

(instead, you find me here. . . )

You know the worst month to be completely “bone-dry” as fas as “oomph” has got to be December!

I can’t seem to pull it together. I think the problem is I have “too many irons in the fire”. Not that identifying the problem helps in the least. They are all still there and they all need to be done fairly “quickly”. (Worse, they seem to have “rabbit-like” qualities and multiply at an exponential rate!)

. . .and here I sit without an ounce of motivation in me to get them done.

I’m going to wander in the kitchen and get some coffee. . .


Got the coffee.  I tell you there is nothing better than holding on to a steaming cup of brew.  The warmth in your hands, the smell. . .

Actually, I’m pretty good with hot water too.  It’s mostly the warmth and the steam that I truly appreciate.  But Jay makes coffee every morning, and I drink it.  Honestly, I drink it almost whenever it’s available. 

A moth just landed in my cup. . .


And thus begins my day.


Oh, for those of you interested, Lilliput Station is having a Christmas party.  Sounds rather interesting, but as I stated earlier, I’m without “oomph”. . .

3 comments on “day beginnings

  1. Sunshine says:

    I told ya, there’s a way to have almost endless “oomph”! You just don’t wanna do it. 😉 Still love ya though! 😀

  2. corefoundations says:

    I tell you what. You figure out how I can get “raw” in me steamy hot — for these COLD days; then, I’ll give it a go!


  3. Sunshine says:

    Cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic, dates, jalepeno, and all kinds of other yummy warming foods! 😀

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