Well, given that my “oomph” has seen fit to take an extended holiday, I’m calling on “dogged determination”.

It’s a good motherly quality to have a number of attributes on hand for such times.

I will tell you that yesterday I felt like a mouse in a maze.  I’m not 100% sure but said maze could have been invented by a sadist, as there were no positive reinforcers and abounded with sliding walls, trap doors and electric shock buzzers.

That’s my attempt to let you know NOTHING got done yesterday.  Until last night when I was looking back over my day in complete dismay. . .

That’s when I called in the substitute, dogged determination.

I got 3 solid hours on the cross-stitch.

I’m at that point, (if you’ve every cross-stitched you’ll know what I’m talking about), when you are starting to “fill in”, and discovering all those stitches you somehow missed previously.

What a downer.

I finished one color, went back over the missed stitches, and have started another color.  (I think I only have 25 more color / combos to go. . . )

However, I pressed on.

 21 more days till Christmas.  (The stocking needs to be done in 19 — at the latest.  It generally takes me 2 days / color. . .)

And today?  Today is going to be a Terrific day!

I get to take Mikhail in to speech!  Aren’t I so lucky??? (If you aren’t catching the sarcasm, go here.)

So, I’m off to start my day. . .


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