Good Morning!

Or that’s the plan.

We had a beautiful, glorious snowfall yesterday.

We played hookie!

The kids went out with the H kids and had, ummmm, OH! a “Field Day”!

The public schools were still in session, though.  Had to take Mikhail to speech.  There is no heat on at school!  The kids / teachers were all running around all bundled up.  Yep, that’s a good learning environment for ya.  There were at least 5 parents that came and picked up their kids and took them home in the 30 minutes I was there because it was so cold!

Anyway, my kiddoes were running around with the H kiddoes for about 5 hours all told.  They had a blast!  I have pictures, but they’ll have to wait a bit.


Anyway, due to the snow, Jay  got a delay call in going to work (meaning he didn’t have to show till about 0900).  So, I actually awoke before him and came down and made pancakes for the crew.  However, the older kids got fussy at the youngers about manners (saying please), and so I was greated with grumpiness.

All this in order to start the day off right.

Of course, right now the younger ones are clammering to go outside.  The snow is starting to melt away and they want to get more play time.

Honestly, the weather man said it wouldn’t last through the night.

Darn weather man!

Due to the fact we didn’t really get school done yesterday, it needs to happen today.  And going out in melting snow is not on the agenda.

So, the day isn’t starting as pleasantly as planned.  But, I’m still holding out hope.

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