Christmas fun

Here’s a new Christmas jingle for you.  The days are identified, but not sung.  This is just a reminder as to how you should sing the words.  (I’m starting at the end.)Written from what I believe will be my children’s point of view over the next couple of weeks.

Hope you enjoy.

  The 12 Days ‘til Christmas (company) 

On the twelfth day of Christmas my frazzled Mom told me:

Day 12:  Gotta clean the house

Day 11:  How’d you get behind (in school)?!

Day 10:  Clean your nasty bathroom

Day 9:   More wrapping paper

Day 8:  I’ve yet to buy gifts

Day 7:  Don’t you dare eat them!

Day 6:  Need to bake the cookies


Day 4:  You go walk the dog

Day 3:  Pick-up those floors

Day 2:  Phooey on Christmas cards   

Day 1:  And I’ve still got to finish your cross-stitch! — sung twice.

(stocking, that is)


(Yep, and this is really showing how excellent I am at procrastinating!) 


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