How “Mom!” hollered in a shrill, clear voice can awake someone so quickly at 0238!

In fact, it even woke Jay.

(It was still I who got out and went AROUND the bed to get to the child.)

It was Garrett, who had a bad dream.

Next thing I know, I have Garrett, Mikhail, 2 kittens, myself and Jay in one bed. (The cat thought this too much and left.)

It takes awhile for the adrenaline to stop pumping after that kind of wake up.


I completed 6 colors on my cross stitch yesterday!  Isn’t that just a complete fluke!

Really, it is!

I stitch by color, going from darkest to lightest.  Somehow I got “lucky” and at least 2 different colors only had a few stitches each.

That’s a mite bit aggravating, putting in less than 20 stitches for a color.

However, I also found at least 3 colors I had thought I was done with, that I discovered (with great dismay) I had missed some of the stitching.  Just plain irritating.  I believe though, that I got them done.

Yet, as of yesterday I had ~ 12 days to get 30 colors, plus backstitching, done.  That comes out to ~ 2.5 colors a day.

That’s a good start!  Oh, and I took a picture of where I was before I started, so in case by some miracle I pull this off, I can “show off”.


Mikhail is supposed to have speech in an hour.  However, if he doesn’t wake up in the next 10 minutes, I’m just going to “call it”.  Given how poorly they slept last night, I’m not inclined to wake them up and shove them off to speech. 

And we all know how much I love it anyway.

I think I’m going to make some cookies today.

Oooh, the little ones just came downstairs, I’ve got to book.

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One comment on “amazing

  1. Edi says:

    Oh I know only too well the feeling of adrenaline pumping so wildly after being awaken in the night.

    Happened the other day at 1:30 – phone call – wrong number.

    I have a hard time going back to sleep anytime I’ve been woken up by the children…sigh

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