I finished the “mega” color (a shade of blue) last night.

I have to tell you, there’s one really nice thing about mega colors.

People, other than you, can start identifying things.

I mean before you hit a mega color, it’s like you are explaining what an ink blot will look like just as the ink is touching the paper.

Son:  What’s that black dot?
Mom:  Well, that’s the dog’s eye, obviously!
Son:  Obviously?  Where’s the dog?
Mom: I’ve got his eye; I’ll get to the rest.

Now, the conversation runs more along these lines:

Son:  Are you sure this is supposed to be a dog?
Mom:  Yes.  Can’t you see?  I’m adding to the body.
Son:  It looks like a backpack. . . .
Mom:  It’s a DOG!  Just wait till I start backstitching.

Yep, real inspirational my kids are.

What Garrett once insisted was a burnt tree trunk he is now conceeding is indeed a man in a dark suit.  However, they were able to pick out the house, the trees, the ice, and snow banks now. 

I have at least 3 other mega-colors to go.  The last one being white.  Given that I work from dark to light colors, that will be the last one to put on.  The fact that this is an outside winter scene. . . . (It only took me 3 days to do the last mega color.)

I’m running out of time.

I have 21 colors left (3 of those “biggies”).  7 days to try to complete. . . (uuuggghhhh) 


I need to run to a couple of stores today with Jay.  (Didn’t take the kids out yesterday as they were giving me grief.)  However, we can’t go until this concrete guy comes today.  He’s coming to give Jay an estimate to redo the garage floor.

This guy must just live in estimates.  He “estimated” that he’d be by around 10 a.m.  Wanna make a bet it’ll be closer to 1?  Or worse, later, and totally screw up my entire day.


This headache is “lingering”, and it’s not losing it’s steam.  Jay was hypothesizing that it’s due to a weather front moving in. 

Great, my body is now an effective “weather vain”.  Not a skill I ever thought of gaining.

I think cross-stitching would be much easier without a headache. . .


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