Don’t you love comics

that describe your life so perfectly?!

Recently, the little boys have been giving me a lot of guff.  Everything is my fault; I’m so terribly rude; etc. and so forth. . .

Today’s For Better or For Worse  is a perfect expression of this.


I watch tv when I cross-stitch.

Possibly a cause for my many mistakes?

There’s an actual good reason for this.  It “forces” me to look up and at a distance.

Something I’ve never had an eye doctor tell me till I went in for my LASIK.

If you do “close work” all the time — reading, computer, needlework, etc. — your eyes become used to that focal length and then don’t deal well with the change to distance.

You, essentially, need to exercise your eyes.

Now, why don’t they tell you this when you’re a kid and young?!  I remember years with my nose stuck in a book, and constantly changing glasses prescriptions. . . .

Anyway. . .

Yesterday, Hallmark had the “Love Comes Softly” series on.

Ahhh, to live in yester-year. . .

Easy to romanticize when they never show you such things as toilet, or lack thereof, issues.

I got 2.5 colors done.  Not the 3 needed to reach the goal.  However, to be perfectly honest, I think I’ve doubled the amount of work done on this stocking in the last week. 

Isn’t that just sad / pathetic?  I’ve done as much work in a week, as I had previously done in 3 years!

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One comment on “Don’t you love comics

  1. Sunshine says:

    That strip had me rollin’! I LOVE it! It’s SO true! (Not really sure whether to put the happy or sad smiley there.) As for the stocking, no, not pathetic, human. Remember that, repeat it often, “I am only human, I am only human, I am……”

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