what to talk about

I’m assuming most of you are about as sick of “hearing” about the cross-stitch as I am of doing it.

Something popped in my noggin last night, that was perfect to talk about, but I’ve lost it. . .


Jay is going in for a hearing test today.  They noticed a “significant loss” during his last exam so now he’s going in for some serious testing.

Of course, all they had to do was ask me, and I could have told them he doesn’t hear much.

What’s interesting is we just met a guy who came back from a 15 mo deployment, and when they tested him they determined he had a significant loss also — so much that he’s now on the non-deployable list.  He’s National Guard.

So, we’ll see how this turns out.


I’m still waiting for them to get back to him about his thyroid.  He was diagnosed having hypothyroidism about 7 years ago.  He really doesn’t have any symptoms*, except for maybe dry skin.

Anyway, the last doc took him off his synthroid. 


His current doc said the other was nutters and put him back on, right before he left.  However, he needs to get another test done and evaluated to ensure it’s the right dosage.

I don’t think it is, in my “professional” opinion.

I’ve talked to a number of other people that suffer from hypothyroidism as well.  Isn’t it odd how when something affects you, you are suddenly aware of others afflicted by it as well?  They tell me they know they need to have their dosage rechecked when their family members start “walking on eggshells” around them.

*Interesting, as when you look under symptoms very few sites list irritability as one; however, I’ve started noticing it is popping up as a symptom on more sites than it used to.  I think most sites just lump it under the category of “depression”.

It’s a symptom, let me tell you, and right now we’ve gone from walking to tiptoeing.

The funny thing is, I’m positive Jay doesn’t see it this way.  I think, if you were to brave asking him, he’d tell you we were all out to make his holiday season miserable.

Cuz we’re ornery like that.


Drew just came down complaining about his toes again.  Last Jan / Feb. he had weird goings-on with his feet.



Mikhail is now hollering from “time-out” that he doesn’t love me.  He’s there because he started hitting Garrett.

*bigger sigh*


Gee, what an “uplifting” posting!  dripping in sarcasm

I think from now on I shall just post about the cross-stitch.

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