guess what I’ll be talking about. . .

(and people say I’m creative!)

Yes, it’s the good ole cross stitch update. . .

You know this would all go so much faster if I didn’t have to do other things, like take care of kids, crises, dinner and all that other stuff.

Apparently, it was decided by some members of the family, I’m not moving fast enough and require some help.

Razzle decided to pitch in and give me a hand, er, paw.

Actually, as a general rule, the kittens can be found in my lap under the cross-stitch snoozing (or pulling strings).

Which makes it all the more difficult to get up when a child decides to attempt a backflip slide down the stairs.

He’s fine, by the way.  The only “award” he received though was an ice-pack.

hmmm, looking at the above picture is rather depressing, as all I can see is the empty spaces (what has yet to be done).

I need to take some of the boys shopping today.  Actually, all the boys need to go to pick up things for brothers, and I need to go by myself to pick up some last items.  That would be 5 more shopping trips.

Egads!  Life used to be simpler, didn’t it?  I can’t recall!

I finished 2 colors yesterday (almost a 3rd).  Fifteen colors remaining.

I’d cry, but can’t seem to stitch, correctly, at the same time.  And we all know how wonderfully I’ve gone without making mistakes all ready.

Ah, but I don’t want to be a wet blanket, so I’ll leave you with this video – passed on from Sunshine (don’t know where she found it).  Have your sound on and enjoy!

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