yesterday was basically

blown simply due to shopping.

Did you know, it’s incredibly difficult to get little ones to find presents for others?!  I kept having to drag Mikhail out of the toy cars aisle (his favorite) and get him into the action figures aisle (Garrett’s “ball of wax”).

Where did that phrase come from?  (ball of wax)  You rarely ever see balls of wax. . .

Supposedly, there’s a book that gives all that phrase history.  That would be cool.

Of course it wouldn’t include all the wacky phrases that Jay comes up with:

“like a pig staring at a wrist watch”

hmmm, there are more, but can’t think of any at the moment (except his more “graphic” ones which I don’t think are publish-able.)


So, anyway, I only got about 2 hours of cross-stitch.  Jay is telling me just to give it up and wait till next year to complete it.  That’s what he’s been telling me for the last 4 years. . .

I refuse to listen to him this year.


Drew’s feet are getting worse, so I’m calling the doctor’s office today.  I was just reading an article regarding this and it says there can be underlying issues such as diabetes or hypothryoidism. . .(funny how words just pop out at you like that, eh?)  Given that Jay has hypothyroidism, and it’s hereditary. . .

She (the doctor) did test for that previously though.  However, she just did the basic test.  I think there are some more extensive type tests (blood work) she could request.

I’m off to call the doc.

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