Where does the time go?

Today is going to be insanely busy. 

Have to take Drew to the doctor (couldn’t get his appt. yesterday and even had to go with a different doctor for today).

Have to get those last couple of things.  (Since I will have Drew with me, he can do his shopping.)

Need to drop off library books.

Christmas present wrapping needs to happen.

And final grading of all school papers for this year!

Of course, there is also that accursed cross-stitch. . .(that I am still joyfully working on).


You know, I did most of my Christmas shopping online.  Oh what a glorious thing!  When we went out on Wed (and the dread of going out today). . .oh the lines. . .BLECH!

In fact, I wouldn’t have had to go shopping at all had people cooperated with me.  But, Jay didn’t give me his list till late; and my brother needed me to pick up some things.  (Drew gave me his list too late as well, but I had all ready gotten all his stuff.)

You know, come to think of it, I think I left a bag at a store. . .I don’t recall seeing some items we purchased. . .

Yep.  Just went and checked.  I hate those little baggie roll-around thingys!  I can’t tell you how many times I have left a store only to return because I’m missing a bag.  Or how many times I have had to run after someone to give them their bag.  (So nice to know it’s not just me!)

It was just some Christmas ornaments. . .Hopefully, the person who finally wound up with them will enjoy them.


I feel a bit bad as I don’t think I’ve been “building the season” well for the kids this year.  (Haven’t done anything, really.) 

But, really, part of me wonders why I feel so bad.  Should I be “building the season”?  Is that the point?

It would have been nice to have some Christmas cookies though. . .


Oh, as I said, I did most of my shopping online, which means we’ve been getting regular package deliveries of late.  Lots of times you get this large box, with lots of packaging material.  So, I’ve been condensing.  Putting as many things into a single box (without packaging material) as possible, just to save space for now.

Mikhail and Garrett have confiscated the “leftover” boxes. 

For the last week they have been happily entertaining themselves playing mailman.  They get a box, pack it full of toys and then send it to a family member (who, oddly enough, seems to live in our hall closet).  Then the “family member” (son, brother, dad, etc.) receives the package and gets to open it up.  The receiver is always delighted with the “gift”.

Jay was not so delighted to find the hall closet filled with toys. . .


I think Jay took the car to work (instead of taking the van pool) so, I’m going to call him and ask him to do a grocery trip for me (since he’s by the commissary).  I had better get a grocery list together.

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