hmmm, just a bit of putting things off. . .

Let’s see, it’s almost 1500 and my parents could be here as early as an hour from now.  I haven’t cleaned a bloomin’ thing.

However, I got all the gifts wrapped.  Even the ones that came today.  Everything I ordered has arrived.

Jay is out with the little ones doing some last minute shopping.  He called about 2 hours ago saying that he was having a great time, but that the little ones were peetering out. . .

When it comes to shopping the little guys and I are about on the same stamina level.  I’m sure they peetered out long before he called.

I am missing 2 stocking stuffers.  I know they were in the house at some point. . .I think Jay moved their location.  (In fact, I had to find the new locations of a number of things I had tucked away.  And if it’s him, it always involves a stool or ladder to find them. . .)


I’ve got pot roast in the crock and the honey oatmeal bread is rising.  The grape pie is in the oven.

My poor parents!  They were probably hoping never to have grape pie again as we did so many pie experiments when they were here last.  Sadly, Jay requested it.

He’s picking up ice cream though. . . that should help.


So, I’m now off to clean the house.


I wish the darn thing would clean itself.

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One comment on “hmmm, just a bit of putting things off. . .

  1. Sunshine says:

    You have to leave bigger presents for the cleaning fairies! Yeah, that’s it! 😉 Then the house will clean itself. LOL! I’ve seen your house. It IS clean. Relax, enjoy your family missy! And that’s an order! 😉

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