You’ll never guess?!

This doctor didn’t have a clue what’s going on with Drew either!

Really, I’m like 90% positive I know WHAT it is, but not sure why it’s happening.  The doctors, on the other hand, aren’t even hazarding a guess as to what it is.

When I say, “Doesn’t this look like ‘chillblains’?” the doctor says, “What is this ‘chillblains’?  I’ve never heard of it.”

“‘Perniosis?’ That’s a name sometimes used with it. . .”

“No, ma’am, I don’t know what you are referring to.”

Then, I get that ‘look’.  You know the one; the one doctors reserve for moms who think they know what may be going on with their kids but don’t have a medical degree to back it up.

The one I got when I took Tyler into the doctor and told him that Tyler was having a second episode of chicken pox.  (Of course, that doctor was a little more rude and not only gave me “the look” but told me I was nuts as it is very rare for a kid to have chicken pox twice.)

Do you know that man didn’t even have the decency to apologize to me when determining that Tyler did indeed have chicken pox and looking back in his chart saw that not only did he have chicken pox the year before, but the HE (the doctor) was the one that diagnosed it!???


Wanna look?  (I know we all have this morbid tendency to look at all things gross.)

There are pictures on this site and this one that are incredibly similar (identical) to what happened to Drew’s feet last year.  This year it hasn’t gotten so bad. . .but then again the weather hasn’t been as cold as it was when it popped up last year.

I have pictures of Drew’s feet as well, but he’d get upset if I posted pictures. . .he’s at that time in his life.

However, she had lots of bloodwork done. . .and we have to go back in two weeks.


I have 2 friends that both believe in getting whatever is on their list done before they go to bed at night.  They are “fanatical” about it.  It’s interesting as neither knows the other, and there is about 10 years of age between the two.

Now the older one, I find myself envying.  She has got it down to an art form.  She is at that point in her life where she can create manageable lists.  Even long term projects are broken down into daily parts. 

She’ll get her list done, period.  She may stay up till the wee hours, but she’ll get it done.

My younger friend is still developing her skill.  She does get everything done before bed. . .but sometimes she doesn’t go to bed till the next night.

There’s one other difference too.  The older one plans “family” on her list.  Not, like a time (from 6-7 pm I’ll spend time with family) — I don’t think any of her lists are really time based.  But, you know, when her kids get home from school she makes time for them.

The younger one, “forgets” to add family on her list and thus she frequently under-estimates how long things will take (because she does take time out for her family).

Anyway. . . all that to say that sometimes I wish I was more like that.  It would be cool to go to bed knowing that you were waking to a “clean slate” in the morning. . .

And on that note, I didn’t grade papers yesterday, nor did I wrap gifts. . .

So, I have that to do, plus cleaning today. 


The older two have been “playing gangsta”.  I don’t know how to describe it.  I think it’s to irritate me.  I think they got the idea from this “White and Nerdy” (song by Weird Al) and a video called “How to be Gangsta”.

So, they are going around talking all funky and swinging their arms all crazy. . .


My kids are thin, they have to wear belts to keep their pants up, and they don’t like them hanging. . . like some of the boys you see waddling around out and about. 

Waddling, because they are trying desperately to keep their pants under their bums but over their knees. 

Anyhoo. . .

So, Drew was “playin gangsta” last night and talking all “cool” (*cough, splutter*) when he said something, then popped out with,

“I can’t say that, it’s a double negative.”

Yep, I’m over-run with “gangsta”. . .

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One comment on “You’ll never guess?!

  1. Sunshine says:

    Love it! LMBO! You know you’ve done a good job when they can’t even “play gangsta” without correcting their grammar! 😀

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