tis the season

for thank you notes.

Need to get the kids on those. . . (have a few to write myself)

Maybe tomorrow, I’m all ready having to do more today than I would prefer.


Drew had me in fits last night.  He came in complaining about having to read 20 pages per day of literature.

Now, he’s a slow reader (speed, not understanding), I get that.  I also know that he has a bunch of reading in all his other subjects as well. . .

After all, I am the one who wrote out his schedule.

Let me “step-aside” for a sec, to tell you this is a child that does math in the a.m. and all his other subjects after lunch.  Math takes him the longest to accomplish between 1-1.5 hours.  He’s usually done by 4 pm with everything, including his computer time and his gameboy time that he’s allotted daily.  Then, he complains about having nothing to do in the evenings. . .

Back to last evening’s gripe:

He’s complaining about the amount of reading that he has to do, and THEN tells me that “in order to get it done on time” he just skims through the reading selections and really doesn’t get anything out of it. (!!!!)

Ahhh, but that wasn’t the worst of it.  No, not by a long shot, not from my child. . . .

He then proceeds to tell me because of my “massive” reading schedule that I created for him he missed out on Uncle Tom’s Cabin because he had to skim through it so fast that he didn’t get to enjoy it!

The only thing I had handy was my cross-stitch (yes, I’m still working on it). . . 

However, logic and reason stepped in and I managed to save myself from destroying the cross-stitch by bashing it over the top of his head. . .

I managed to, instead, calmly inform him that there was nothing stopping him from reading in the evenings.  After all, his public school peers all have homework to do in the evenings.

Notice that was only two sentences.  Someone sent me an article about the minds of teens and how, if you can’t say it in under 3 sentences, they won’t listen.  I need to find that article again, it would make a good post.

I am still formulating my 3rd sentence.  It’ll probably be a run-on. . . Along the lines of:

“I will be checking your schedule / work after each subject for each day and you will be without computer or gameboy until I can verify that you are indeed doing your work up to my standard and I will be adding to your workload (due to my extremely perverse nature) to help remind you that as a general rule I am more than fair regarding your workload and only give you the amount I am sure can fit in a “school day” which in my mind for your age / ability is 6-8 hours.”


Anyway, we are actually on school break for the Holidays.  I have been trying to determine if I should start up again next week or the following.  Due to this little episode, I’m officially starting school the 7th.  However, next week (31 Dec-4 Jan) I’m going to have the older two do a writing course.  They both NEED to become better writers.

I have the IEW course / seminar “thingy”, so I think I will take it and spread it over 1 week.  Should go to their yahoo group and see if someone has been kind enough to put a week-long schedule for that course in their files to save me some time / effort.

By doing it next week and  “officially” starting school the following week it will give me time to work with each of them individually, and not have me feeling “pulled” in too many directions.  That’s the hope anyway.


EGADS!  I got chatty again.  Now I’m running behind in my day!  I think I shall have to rearrange it a bit. . .put off till tomorrow. . .I really didn’t want to do any of it today anyway — wanting to get this cross-stitch done instead.

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One comment on “tis the season

  1. Sunshine says:

    And you think you shouldn’t write a book????????!!!!!!!!! This post in and of itself proves me right. And at least now I know what the three sentence reference was to. Is that you saying YOU have a teen brain? 😉

    Yeah, I’d have been peeved too. Good luck on that one! 😀

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