I’m tired

Stayed up late waiting for the boys to return.  They, 2 oldest and Jay, went out with some friends and played volleyball.  Supposedly, it was to end at 10pm, but they didn’t return till almost midnight.

I turn into a pumpkin well before then!

So, why did I stay up?  To greet them with warm smiles and hugs?


It was because of Jay’s “key system”.

He can’t stand to have lots of keys in his pocket.  So, he has this key chain system deal-y-o.

It seperates.

So, he has one ring with house keys on it (we have ONE house key and ONE garage key), and the van key.  He has another ring with his VW key on it; and a 3rd with the Porsche key — and I think it probably has the garage key on that ring as it is the only car to ever go in the garage.

Does it seem evident to anyone else that he has almost as many rings as he has keys???!

So, he only ever takes the keys he believes he will need. . . (I would think it would always be wise to have house keys with you.)

You all do realize that when you seperate things into smaller parts, those parts are more easily lost, right?

That man has not been able to find his house keys since before the holidays.  He assures me they are “in the house — somewhere”.

I think he just doesn’t want to go looking for them, as they are most probably in / around his dresser.

I’m thinking that for “payment” of keeping me up, he can go grocery shopping with me this a.m.   I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed!


Found this cool 2008 calendar. It’s most assuredly “missing” a number of items. . . I wonder who was in charge of picking what items to keep?  Still, it is very informative.  I remember with the older two we did a “this day in history” type thing way back when (but I honestly can’t remember what we did!).

That’s a bit scary.  I’ve been thinking back over what I did with the older two. . . focusing mainly on things I think I did wrong (to correct those mistakes with the younger two).  I need to try to remember what I did right.


Oh, Drew was “forced” to start reading his next book, yesterday.  (Given that he says he doesn’t have enough time, I thought it best for him to go ahead and start that subject during his holiday break.)  It’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

I heard him “giggling” (or is it “chuckling” for boys?) upstairs in his room, and I know he read more than what was assigned, but when I asked him about it later, he did this whole grumpy routine.

I’m seriously tempted to get a “voice activated” tape recorder and hide it, then when he pull this kind of grouch to pull it out.

You know, this kid used to be fun-loving, animated, and would talk about anything with me.

I vehemently do NOT like this stage!


Well, the way Jay is sleeping in this a.m. it looks as if that grocery trip will be put off till after lunch.


I have 5 colors left on the cross-stitch.  The end is finally in sight!  I want to finish it by New Years.


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