Welcome 2008

We had a great time at the party last night.  It was so nice and relaxing. . . .

Well, except for that game of Mad Gab.  Which we can all now chalk up to yet another game that I am particularly bad at.


Well, I did NOT finish the cross stitch.  I have mentioned before at how incredibly bad I am at estimating time. . .

In typical Christine fashion:

After starting the backstitching yesterday, it hit me (like a mack truck) that it would take at least 2 more solid days of stitching to get it done.  I don’t really have that kind of time to devote to it anymore.

Not only did that item not get finished, the Christmas decorations are still up.  Additionally, I found some Halloween decorations floating about too!

As, I mentioned yesterday, I’m a bit superstitous about this; thus you can all be rest assured that it will not be I winning the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes this year.

I drowned my “sorrows” in a bowl of Cocoa Krispies this morning.

I am declaring January , ‘Get Everything that should have been done last year DONE’ month.  Mikhail’s birthday is later this month, maybe I can give him his Christmas stocking then. . . .

Maybe I can work on the Chinese New Year ?  (Feb. 7th) 

AHA! There may be hope yet!

It will be the year of the Rat; wondering if I should read anything into that.


I did, however, get one thing right.  For the first time in our marriage, I got the New Year’s meals right.

See, in my family, we have traditional meals for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. 

The thing is, I have always gotten them backwards.

So, traditionally, “we” (meaning the rest of my family) have corned beef (New England dinner) the 31st and bean soup on the 1st.

I ALWAYS get it backwards!  And every year I make a resolution to get it right next year.

Well, for the first time in almost 18 years I got it right!

And you know, I had to get it from a teen, but Drew pipes up and says,

“Duh, Mom, ‘in like a pauper, out like a prince’.”

Is there a state where beating teenagers is legal?  Do they have an army post there?

Oh, but HOORAH!, not only did he state that phrase, he then went on to “apply” it, more than just to meals.  He went into this whole fiscal idea, and then took it to relationships (friends and, you know, “loves”). . .

Nice to know he’s thinking.


Jay and I are planning on going out for a bit today.

It’s a working “date”.

It was supposed to be a romantic date, but we’ve come across some issues (KIDS) that seriously need to be dealt with, and we need to be able to discuss this in “peace”.

Something that is non-existant here.


ohhh, I’m getting that tired “buzz”. 

The little guys wake up, consistently, early in the morning, regardless of when they went to bed.

Jay doesn’t. (if it’s a non-work day)

Think I will go do some stretching to get the blood flowing to my brain.


Later. . . .

I forgot, some people may be expecting New Year’s Resolutions today.  I had done this previously, but if you just have to see, it’s here.

Also, we’ve all ready gone through our bout of tears and crankiness amongst the kiddoes all ready.

I’m thinking “mommy” may be shortly following in one of those areas. . .

I’m about to get the kids lunch and put the little ones down for a nap so Jay and I can go out.

Jay has gone missing though. . .something about insulating the basement.  He must have meant exterior, as he’s not inside.

He’s almost as good at time / project estimation as I.  He said it would just take a couple of minutes. . . .He’s been MIA for about an hour all ready.

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