Score one for Mom!!!

Oh, this morning was NUTS!

First off, somehow time moved rather more quickly than I realized.  In fact, I didn’t realize it till almost 10 when, after being on the phone with my folks I realized the time and also the fact that I was STILL in my jammies.

Of course, I hadn’t eaten yet either, and was just pulling out the stuff to do that when the phone rang again.

It was a doctor wondering why we hadn’t made our appt.


“I’m sorry, are you referring to the appt. scheduled for tomorrow at 0900?”

“No, I’m referring to the one today at 0900.”

“No, it says here the 3rd. . . ”

“Ma’am, if you can get here in the next hour we can see your son.”

This would be for Drew’s feet, a dermatology visit. 

Course, this is in town; BAD traffic, one way streets and all that jazz.


So, I grab a snack bar, race upstairs to print off directions (as I’ve never been to this location before), and bark orders at various kids.

Which is how I found myself 30 minutes later looking, from the driver’s seat, at all this construction which is worsening the one way streets and praying to find a parking garage.

Which I did!  Ahh, minor miracles.

And thus, after like a mile long hike from parking garage to specified building, I then find myself at the appointed location trying to convince the receptionist, that I really was supposed to be there to see the doctor with my son.

Because, according to the receptionist, his appt was for 1300 on 3 Nov at a totally different location!

Long story short.

Believe it or not we got seen!  (I’m still in disbelief, but that may simply be due to the fact that I hadn’t printed directions from there back home and somehow we made it.)

And you know what?

The Dr. walked into the room, took one quick glance and pronounced. . . .




WAIT for it






I about pounced out of my chair!

“YES!  That was my diagnosis!”

“Oh, really, what’s your area of specialty?”  and yes, the doctor was sincere.

“They call me:  Mom.  Dr. Mom.”

He was still highly impressed.

He was pretty excited about seeing such a case though, and asked Drew if they could take pictures to put up on their website.

Do you know Drew said yes???!  If I had asked him that he would have thrown a complete hissy. 

Other than that, my day was basically a wash. . .

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