I was mean

I have this friend that calls and chats with me, probably weekly.

Almost every phone call has something along the lines of how did Drew turn out like “this”.

I keep telling her I truly don’t think it’s anything we did or didn’t do; that it is, in fact, “a stage”.

“Teen”, yet another bad 4 letter word.

Hold up!  Let me first say, that Drew is not a bad kid!  No drugs / sex/ etc., no poor choices of friends, no criminal record. . . He’s just guilty of poor judgement and letting his hormones (the aggressive ones) get the better of him occasionally.  He gets “sullen”.  I despise “sullen”.

And of thinking his parents are complete idiots, and therefore have no clue about. . . well, about anything.

Well, she called me yesterday to say I jinxed her.

Her eldest, ever-so-sweet son turned ugly.

I laughed.  Really, I couldn’t help myself.

Just so you know, I remember when my eldest was ever-so-sweet.

I did try to convince her that my laughter was a good sign; that it means I can still find humor in life.

She didn’t fall for it.

I think she saw it as a sign that I’m just this / \ (that’s two fingers held close together) much closer to being committed.

She’s probably right.

Ahhh, something else she has to look forward to! 

Sweetie, I’ll save you a seat and we can play checkers. . . or eat them thinking they are candies.

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2 comments on “I was mean

  1. Sunshine says:

    Okay, I’m sure said friend didn’t mean any of it in judgement. Maybe more in a “want to avoid any life situations with my own child” to help avoid the sullen/semi-depressed-type stage.

  2. corefoundations says:

    Oh, yes, I am sure that’s true. 😉

    And the day I figure teen boys out, I’ll be sure to let the ENTIRE world know!

    Sorry, but for anyone with girls, you “ain’t” gettin’ it from me.

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