misc. part 2

Oh, I was just going to add to the first post, but then thought this might wind up long enough to warrant it’s own posting.


It Coulda’ Been Worse is offering a free BOB.

Now, this is worthy of comment, as this is the current thing I’m having to deal with with Drew.  (That’s right, isn’t it?  Two withs. . . .hmmm, we’ll say, “regarding Drew”.  There, I feel better.  How ’bout you?)

The older boys have a time limit of 1 hour on the computer.  I have nothing against how they spread it out in a day, just so long as they don’t go over the hour.

Like, in my previous post, I was talking about Tyler IMing his friend in Japan.

Well, if I said, “You can only get on the ‘puter from 1700-1800”, then he would miss that totally, as his friend is unavailable then.

However, you give the kids one hour on the computer and they break it into parts. . .well it’s REALLY hard to discover if they’ve gone over their time.  You know, assuming you aren’t looking over their shoulder all the time.

Like I have time for that!

Now, I am not concerned (yet) about sites they go to.  As a rule they have been incredibly good about asking me to preview sites for them.  (In fact, it has been “bad” for them on occassion as I’ll call a “no more computer day” due to the fact I’m tired of previewing youtube videos or game sites.)  However, they do continue to ask; which is good.

But, I’ve been going upstairs to find the computer saying, “entering sleep mode”. . .

Let me interject here and say that I would love to be able to do that!  It takes the computer all of 45 seconds to “enter sleep mode” and it can do it almost anytime of day!

. . . and a guilty looking child with a hastily grabbed book, who swears he’s really not guilty of anything!


So, this is looking pretty good to me.

If you notice at the end of her post, there’s a bit about a $10 coupon and free shipping. . . You can get it cheaper on Amazon and it qualifies for free shipping.


Sunshine, my lovely “heckler” (I can say that, as she admitted to it!), is giving me grief about the book again.

She won’t let the poor thing die. . .

So, I’m supposed to have chapter titles now, a longer intro, and about 6 pages of text.

I’m a “Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.” sort of gal; coming up with blog post titles is enough to kill me on any given day.  

In fact, if you don’t hear from me it’s frequently because I can’t think of a title. 

I’m almost tempted to do “diary type” headings.  It worked for Anne Frank, and Charlie Gordon (Flowers for Algernon).  The added benefit to “diary type” headings is I don’t have to follow a particular “theme” for too long. 

So it can be scattered, like my brain.

My intro is short and sweet and just the way I like it.  Thankyouverymuch!  Hmm, well, short and sweet is how I like it, but some re-wording may be in order.

I’m thinking I’ll pull some entries from blog postings, so I’m willing to bet I have well over 6 pages all ready. . .

Ahh, but to top your requests, chica.  I have all ready formulated my “dedication”.  😉  It will be to the two “fems” who keep telling me I should do this!  (That would be “cool, gangsta” speech for ‘females’.  See, I’m “hiP”!)

Hey, this writing a book biz isn’t so bad after all!


For the record, Jay only reads my blog when he’s away; and he doesn’t necessarily find it funny. 

He claims this is because I tell him everything before I write it, and thus he’s all ready gone through all that is humorous.

He thinks the idea of me writing a book is a colossal waste of time.


I came up with a fabulous idea for teaching geography to my little guys.  (Something I consider a failing with my older two; although, their “geography” isn’t too bad. . . )

Rather, I think it’s fabulous.

I mentioned it before, but have kind of “solidified” the idea a little more firmly in my head. . .

And bought some more cool stickers!

Oh, but it should be noted, Jay thinks this idea is very cool.  As a general rule he runs from stays out of anything “school”.  However, he actually listened to me describe this, and thought it good. 

Then, I talked it over with Mrs. H (a terrific friend and fellow homeschooler) and she helped me hash out ideas.

It will be a multi-year, spiral approach.

The first year we will simply do a broad study of the continents and oceans.  Then, we will proceed to build on that by taking each continent and study it’s “parts” (countries).  Maybe following Around the World in 180 Days to a degreeMaybe Trail Guide to World Geography?  Probably a warped mutation of the two with my own “personalizations”. . .

I would expect it to take over 2-3 years for us to finish. . .

I need to come up with a US one first. . .

Somehow, I always wind up working “backwards”.


Oh, remember how I was lamenting not finding “die-cut” country / continents.  Well it occurred to me that I could take outline maps and print them off on card stock, then cut them out with an exacto knife.  Not especially time efficient, but “cheap” and “guaranteed”.


We are starting “school” again next week.  The older two will be doing a writing crash course, and the youngers “review”.  The following week will be “regular schedule”.

I need to get moving though, or this weekend is going to be over before I finish this post!


3 comments on “misc. part 2

  1. Sunshine says:

    Two sentences does not an intro make Missy! 😛 Oh, and I don’t recall ever admitting to being a heckler. Funny girl! 😀

  2. Sunshine says:

    p.s. And I can’t find the one “dessert” and “desert”. Which one is that again?

  3. corefoundations says:

    Okay, you admitted to being a “harrasser”, not a heckler.


    the “threw”

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