Notable Landmarks

Well, I asked a question here for some help, and upon getting only 1 response, I broadened my search and asked for help from some email lists I belong to.Let me just take a second to say, “You all ROCK!”

For the most part I was able to fill in all the States simply from your input.  Then, thanks to those that posted links I went to those and finished the chart (because I LIKE the chart format).

I will say there are some states I’m truly not happy with the items I put down (Wyoming, Lousianna, and Iowa come to mind), but it’s a superb start, and I can use all that I have.  And that’s what really counts!

Oooh! and I’m going to give you a “top-of-the-line” listing! I know, you are amazed. Because, I am adding a landmark to the list that is not, actually, “there” yet!

Yes, while Kansas’s ball of twine may have sufficed, it is currently being debated as to whether it is indeed the largest, thus nixing it from the list. And Kansas was one of those poor states that doesn’t really seem to have landmarks. . . You don’t think tornadoes would have anything to do with that do you?But, all hope is not lost!

The Kansas Tornado Landmark will “soon”  (like maybe in the next decade?)be gracing the Kansas “skyline” (assuming everything goes according to plan). 

How long it stays standing is a whole ‘nuther ball of wax.

I was asked by a number of people to provide them with the “final” list.

These people don’t even know me, but understand the need for lists!  Gotta love ’em! 

Therefore, I have put my “final” list in two formats.  For those who would like to edit  AND have MS Word, you would probably prefer this option. 

Notable Landmarks (MS Word File)

For those who just want the list, OR don’t have MS WORD, there’s a PDF file made available for you.

Notable Landmarks (PDF file)

I did not just put my particular choice for each state.  I did try to add as many options for each state as my chart allowed.  So, you can feel free to pick and choose.

Now, all of you feel free to correct me!  If I put the wrong landmark in a wacky state, please let me know.  If you think of something to add, unless it’s one of those states that I had to limit so the options would fit in the chart, please feel free to do so. 

Especially, if it’s one of the “lonely” states that doesn’t seem to have landmarks.

Oh, and if you mentioned something, but I didn’t write it down, I apologize, it was simply an oversight and you can bash me publicly to your content until I rectify the situation.

I’ll just have to add you to my “naughty list” should you choose to do so, and you won’t get a Christmas card.   Oooh, wait that won’t work, as I didn’t send out any Christmas cards last year!  Phooey!

Thank you all again for your help!  You all are an inspiration.  And a great resource to lean on!



 I need a computer guru!  I am telling you, I have:

Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower and Museum

for New Jersey in my chart on both files.  SAVED.  But it refuses to upload properly onto here.  I even deleted everything from the blog and restarted the computer.  I truly apologize.

Great, now my blog has a “teen ‘tude”. . .


5 comments on “Notable Landmarks

  1. Sunshine says:

    You left out ANYTHING from my home state! OMG! New Jersey, HELLO?! Thomas Edison? Here’s a link with landmarks you can choose from, k?

    Love to ya! 😀

  2. Sarah F. says:

    The Crystal Bridge!!!The Crystal Bridge!!! All the history associated with Oklahoma and this being the centeniall year, and the best you got for Oklahoma was the Crystal Bridge?

    I guess that is what I get for not reading every day. Try these

    Chilocco Indian Agricultural School (my grandparents attended this)- Newkirk

    Cherokee National Capitol – Tahlequah

    Fort Sill – Comanche – Only still active fort from the Indian wars on the South plains

    Sequoyah’s Cabin (he developed the Cherokee alphabet)-Atkins

    45th Infantry Division Museum – Oklahoma City

    Mount Scott in the Wichita Mountains (Yes, Oklahoma has mountains)

    The Coleman Theater – Miami

    The Pioneer Woman – Ponca City

    The Golden Driller – Tulsa

    The Big Blue Whale – Catoosa

    Route 66

    Miller Brothers’ 101 Ranch – Ponca City

    Barnsdall Main Street Well Site – Barnsdall – a fully functioning oil well that is situated in the middle of Main street

    For a more complete list go to

  3. Leena says:

    Hi, I left you some more landmarks on the ones you were unhappy with in an email. I noticed that for Mass, you didn’t have much, but it is full of them.You have…Plymouth Rock….Old Salem Jail….Cheers bar…..Freedom Trail….Minute Man Historic Park. Also many things on Paul Revere. If you would like more for a certain state just email me. Leena

  4. Terri S says:

    Here is a link to wikipedia that list all states with landmark information that might be useful to you! Good luck and have fun! Terri

  5. Sonya says:

    Lebaonon, Kansas is the geographical center of the contiguous United States.

    Garden of Eden – Lucas, Kansas –

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