Yesterday was. . .

well, a day.

A Monday.

I think it was  a good day.  Yeah, it was a good day. . .I got almost everything on my “to-do” list done.

It was an incredibly busy day.

And today is supposed to be incredibly busy as well.  But, I’m tired and really don’t want to do it. (picture tantrum of middle-aged lady, here)

I’m sore too.  I did a workout yesterday, and I know I’m a bit sore from that; but, I’m sore in “weird” areas as well (meaning, areas I did not work out yesterday).  I did an ab workout yesterday, but my shoulders are killing me.


I mentioned the older two doing a “crash” writing course.  It’s more like a “jumpstart” course.  A highly intensive jolt to get them started in the right direction.

All told it only took 3.5 hours to complete. . . but with everything else we had going on yesterday we started at 0900 and ended at 1730, thus, it felt like an ALL day program.

And we have 3 more days!

Oh, but Drew commented over pizza, as I didn’t have time to cook, that “it wasn’t as bad as [he] expected”.  Upon noticing that I was eyeing him though, he immediately added, “not that it was great or fun or anything.”

High praise!  I’m thinking in his verbage that’s equal to 2 thumbs up.

It was comical though, as the little guys did not like being left out of this whole thing.  They would grab their school notebooks, their pencils and plop themselves in front of the TV (it’s a DVD course) right along with the older two.  And when the instructor said to write, they would!  And they didn’t grumble!

Of couse, all they wrote were their abc’s. . .

I was a bit surprised as Tyler, who’s a more “ideas” writer than Drew, had big problems with this course.  They were given very specific goals to accomplish and that just threw him for a loop.  To the point that he suffered an immediate writer’s block (which was supposedly not possible with this program), and totally agonized over the writing part. . .

Interestingly enough, we were writing based on a model similar to the idea of “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

They were supposed to add 5 items to each of 3 paragraphs.  Tyler just COMPLETELY froze up.  I kind of wonder what would have happened had I not given him a check list. . .I kind of suspect it would have happened more naturally.

But, I’m giving it a go this way.

Because, I enjoy messing with their heads, I suppose.

No, because everyone would be telling me I “need to give it a chance”.  And I’m an “amiable, simple” sort of person.

You would totally get that as funny had you ever viewed IEWs SWI-C course.

I did have to do battle with Drew over typing it out and handing in a neat final copy.  That goober just out and out refused to do it, saying he had done the assignment and the paper was all sorts of messy, “just like the instructor dude said would make him all happy”.  I mentioned that said, “instructor dude” also told the students to either type it out or write it out neatly as a final copy. 

My older two are both quite accomplished typers, so I know “the fight” wasn’t due to the effort involved.  Just to assert his “manhood”, I suppose.  Someday, he’ll realize what true “manhood” is.  Until then, I suffer through something akin to a racecar with a poor driver on a slick and winding track.  (AKA “increased testosterone levels”)

I won this battle in the end. . .but it was basically won due to “threats of removal” (no computer, no games, etc.).


Our Christmas tree is still up!

I mentioned earlier about how I’m a bit superstitious about this. . .

Last night Drew came in from walking the dog, and started on how the he can’t believe the tree is STILL up; and was I trying to doom them all to a bad year?

This from the child who’s constantly telling me my superstitions are silly.



Today is another terribly busy day, so I should get started on it, especially as I have to take Mikhail to speech in an hour.

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One comment on “Yesterday was. . .

  1. Sunshine says:

    Our tree will be down today. My oldest came up to me yesterday and said, “Mom! I just realized, I really DO need to get this book done!” and then went into all the reason’s why he needed to meet the deadline. The deal was, get it all done,(Math), including corrections, and all his painting for his hobby stuff done, then he could take his money, the $100 he’d get from me for meeting the deadline, and his dad would chip in the rest, and get his stuff that he wants for his hobby (something to the tune of $350). Now, how is it that he just NOW realizes that, when we’d had that discussion over a week ago? LOL!

    Good luck with the IEW and the tree! 😀

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