Quick wind-up of IEW  SWI-C from yesterdays final.

It was boring. . .There’s nothing I can say but that.  Almost 2 hours of instruction before writing, and that’s difficult to bear, even for myself.

Not that I necessarily “blame” him for this as I understand he’s trying to bombard a lot of information into the brain. . .

He did bring about the 5 paragraph essay, and showed how to apply it to # of words / # of paragraphs assingments.  For college that will be helpful.  He didn’t really show how it could be used for writing assignments such as “compare and contrast”.  However, I did come up with an inkling while watching him of a method I could share with the kids to accomplish this.

The demo for creating notes to do an essay was good; however, he had to supply a lot of the original thought.  (He asked the leading questions.)  I’m sure that was done to help speed things along.

The boys are going to finish their final drafts today and type them up and then we are putting them in the notebook.  My plan is to continue with this method, then in June we will re-do the original assignments (not necessarily re-watch the video, though).  Although, the “how to continue” is still a bit vague in my mind, I’ll figure it out.   I’m hoping the boys will see a marked improvement in their own work.

I believe they find each and every writing assignment difficult and they don’t necessarily see their own improvement.  It’s my desire that once they “see” their own progress they will strive to work harder knowing they are achieving results.


Just FYI, that “quickie review” was 275 words.  See, for the “book” (that I still don’t have the foggiest idea for), I’ve been given assigned a “goal” of 300 words per page and approximately 200-300 pages.  (To save you the math that’s 60 to 90 THOUSAND words!)

Seems truly easy to accomplish, till I recall I have nothing to say!

Oh, what is it. . .there’s a quote from the show Jimmie Newtron the kids are always repeating. . .I think it’s from Shane?

Something along the lines of:

I accept the responsibilities and consequences you bestow against me.”

I know, you’re dying at the fact that a grown woman just quoted a kid’s show (and not a very educational one at that). 


SEE!  That just totally proves the point of my topic!

I am so taking a bow at the genius (though accidental) of that tranisiton!

There was a comment made on my Sacrilege post, that put me in this train of thought.  She, Laura, remarked that she found comments too distracting.


If I were to read a book that had comments, I would cease to get anything from the book, because I would be distracted.

It’s one of the reasons we gave up Explode the Code.  Neither Tyler nor myself could get past the drawn pictures to the lessons.  It drove us batty.

Of course, if you were to look at my schedules you might think they are rather “busy” with the colors and what not. . .but I find the colors helpful.  Jay would be the first in line to say I’m a quandary.

I’m one of those people that cannot take notes on the first time through a book either.  Thankfully, I read quickly.  I would totally lose the train of the tale should I stop to write down my thoughts / ideas.  So, I read one time through, then back through for notes.

And let’s be real, I’m so wordy there is NO way my notes would fit in the margins of any book!  The notes tend to be a micro-novella in and of themselves.

But, this whole idea of distraction is not limited to books.

How many times have I put off something because it is suddenly evident to me that the laundry needs to be done?  Or, have I sat down to grade papers only to decide that the floor needs to be vacuumed?  Never fear, these particular examples aren’t that frequent and they rarely last long.

And lots of items aren’t necessarily a “distraction” or, rather, not of minor import. 

For example, the kids schedules — need to be done, but so do the pictures that are upstairs needing to be labeled and put away.  There’s Mikhail’s stocking, which would have been done, but the kittens dumped a full glass all over it, so it needed to be cleaned and dried before I could get back to it. . .

The kittens are a distraction as they are so cute and playful, and LOVE attention, and get into things they shouldn’t.

There are times where both Jay and the kids qualify as “distractions”, and not always of the “pleasant variety”.

This blog could qualify as a diversion, but I rationalize it as it helps me organize my thoughts and ideas. . . and let’s me “talk” uninterrupted.

I seem to recall at some time in my past I was fairly able to keep my disturbences to a minimum; however, it seems now that my whole life is a jumbled confusion of disorder.

And now, my entire family is tumbling out of bed wishing to have a cooked breakfast to start their Saturday morning.

Have a great day!


One comment on “Distractions

  1. Sunshine says:

    You know I love ya right?! That being said, you were just one big distraction in this whole post. Or maybe that was the point? Either way, you know, at the end, you started to talk like me. All fast and jumbled together and jumping from one topic to another and back again. And you and I BOTH know that THAT my friend CANNOT be a good thing! 😉

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