Well, I tried to handle the whole cross-stitch ordeal with a bit of grace, and on Sunday, I did okay.  However, yesterday was not so good at all!  I woke up and all I wanted to do was go back to bed to avoid having to pretend everything was okay.

To top it off, my body decided to allow a sinus infection in. . .

And “Aunt Flo” came for a visit (I know, probably WAY too much information, but that’s the day I had yesterday).


Jay shocked the pants off me last night; which I think had something of a positive effect on my whole system, so that this morning I’m not so utterly useless feeling.

“We” have homeschooled over 7 years now at this point.  (I’d have to add it up to determine how long truly, and I don’t feel up to that at this particular moment.)

There was one time in the past years that Jay has participated in our schooling.  He was the “substitute teacher” one day when I had to go to the hospital.

I remember coming back from that day with both boys and husband declaring they never wanted to participate in such horror again!  And Jay has remained completely hands off since that point.

However, last night Jay said he wanted to help out with the little guys.

I about fell out of my chair!  However, we were eating dinner and on top of showing a lack of gracefulness, I was sure it would create a mess, and I really didn’t want to clean anything!

The older boys just looked across the table and rolled their eyes at each other, yet the younger two were absolutely ecstatic.  They were so psyched that they would have two teachers!

Then, Jay asked how he could help out.  This was becoming seriousTruly, it took me awhile to recover fully.

So, I explained to Jay what we were doing for school, and that I always wanted to set aside a time later in the day to review but just never got around to it.

Now, Jay is the official “reviewer”.  Last night he took the boys up and they reviewed letters learned and pre-reading stuff. 

Both older boys are amazed!  Maybe it’s the difference between teacher and reviewer?  Apparently, on that “sub day” many years ago, there was lots of crying, screaming, and frustration.

I tell you though, this will be excellent for all of them if this keeps up (and for me).


I have restarted the cross-stitch.  “Restarted” isn’t quite the right word is it?

The older boys didn’t realize what had happened until yesterday.  When they asked what I was now working on, and I explained I had to re-do the whole thing they were flabbergasted.  However, I kept the ruined cross-stitch (to remind myself not to make stupid mistakes); and when they saw it. . .

I like to think I’m setting a good example.  You make mistakes; you learn from them; you do your best to correct them (even if it means starting anew); and you move on.

I like to think they’ll learn from it.

Tyler was very sympathetic and gave me a hug.  Drew kind of had that look of teen superiority (you know, because teens don’t make stupid mistakes. . .), but then said he’d trash the old stitching as he wouldn’t want the reminder, he said it would make him feel bad.

I have to tell you, honestly, part of the reason I’m holding onto the old stitching is because I can’t guarantee that the pattern will hold out (it’s getting worn from age and use). . .and I need something to work off of. . .  However, I told them, and this is also true, that I’m keeping it as a reminder to myself to take time and pay attention to the item at hand.

I’m sure that happens to all of us.   . . something always comes up to distract you; worse, you are the creator of the distraction. . . I guess the lesson to be learned is how you deal with or limit the distractions.


Ahh, I need to get my day going.  We have to be out of the house in 30 minutes, and I haven’t done anything.


2 comments on “blah!

  1. I followed your blog link from the yahoo notebooking group. YEAH!! Another fun blog to read.

    A reviewer huh?? GREAT idea… Ü

  2. Sunshine says:

    I like the reviewer idea. Implements something you’ve been wanting to do, but doesn’t burn out him or the littles so they’ll keep doing it. Brilliant! 😀

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