Okay, so some of you know that we are learning our letters alphabetically.  We are starting on “E”.

And I just talked about Jay wanting to help out with the kids, so I told him he could “review” by going over the letters and putting them in words, etc.

I’m not actually trying to teach them to read at this point.  I mean that’s the ultimate goal, but at this point, I’m just trying to make them see how letters create words.  (Then, the idea is how words create sentences, sentences create paragraphs, etc.)

But, the boys are “getting it”.  Garrett especially is getting the whole blending letters to make a word deal.

Leave it to those goobers to actually go learning something before I think I’m ready to teach it. 😉

It’s interesting the words you simply don’t think of, like “dab”.  I had “bad” and even “cad”, but completely omitted “dab”.

This week, I have to come up with words using a-e.  So, I looked on-line for something free to help ensure I don’t omit words.

The closest thing I could come up with was this:  Anagram Artist.

Now, it has a limitation.  It will only include letters you type in once — so, it won’t come up with “dad” or “dead”.  However, if you type every letter in triplicate, then you’ll get words like “deeded”; and thus, your problem is solved. 

(Did that make sense?  if you only input one “d” then the output can only contain one “d“; input 2 — get 2 and so on)



Something I just noticed today.  We were working on spelling “dad” and I noticed myself spelling phonetically, rather than alphabetically.

Sorry, can’t figure how to type that without someone riding my case about doing it incorrectly (as I’m sure I would).  I didn’t say, “You spell it ‘d’-‘a’-‘d’.”  I did sound it out.

I found that odd.  Now, I did not teach my older kids to read  — not from scratch anyway.  They were in public school.  Drew learned there, and Tyler had just enough when I took him out we worked from where he was.  Anyway, I never really sounded things out for them.

So, I find it peculiar that I’m doing it now.

But this is where it gets more intriguing.  When Garrett is writing a word out (that I sounded out), he sounds it out and writes down the letters.  Mikhail, on the other hand, translates it into the letter name, then writes it.

Here’s a thought provoking observation for you:  Garrett finds it much easier to sound out words than Mikhail.

So, is it due to the 14 mo. age differential (Garrett being that much older)?  Or is it due to the brain mechanics that cause Mikhail to “translate” whereas Garrett just goes with the sound?

Then there’s the fact you write a letter on the board and Mikhail will identify it immediately, yet Garrett struggles with it’s “name”.

Something to make you say, “hmmmm”.


One comment on “NIFTY TOOL!

  1. Sunshine says:

    You think too much me love!

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