house cleaning

One word of the English language I really dislike hearing:


Yes, it must be lovely to be married to one’s house. . .


Truly, that word implies that any “sane” house would have divorced me by now, due to abandonment, possibly even “infidelity”.  (After all, being military we’ve lived in 11 homes. . .sometimes moving into one while in possession of another.  Not including all the temporary housing we’ve been forced to reside in while waiting to find a home.)

Some homes we only lived in for a few months. . .possibly we could call those “annulments”. . . you know to make me look better to future prospective houses.

Most likely though, my houses are “dissing” me to all their neighborhood croonies about the neglect they suffer.  Because I despise cleaning.

How come there are no “househusbands”?  I mean there are men who stay at home.  Do they have to say they are a “housewife”?  Betcha they check “other”.  But woe to the woman who stays at home and checks “other”. 

I checked other one time, and then during an “interview” the person asked me what I meant by other.  When I explained it the goober scratched out my answer and put ‘housewife’.

I’m not keen on “stay at home” either though.  It implies you’re a hermit.  And also, people expect if you stay at home that you keep it quite clean.  (Which I have all ready told you I’m not keen on doing!)

I suppose I could claim being a “personal tutor”.  That’s a good one.  A “tutor”  isn’t expected to clean.  Tutors tend to have a “light” income too, which I most certainly qualify for!

Sadly though, this “tutor” needs to fit in not only the daily schooling but also cleaning  (of “workspace” AKA entire house), and some errands to pick up some supplies, plus a run to my “favorite” of all places — speech class.


Oh, I’ve got about 6 hours of cross-stitching done.  I’m tempted to post a picture, just for my own edification of how far I can get in less than a year. 

Part of me is tempted to take a picture of the ruined stitching just to show you (as I realize most people have a morbid fascination about these things). . .but part of me can’t bear the thought. . .the latter seems to be more “determined” than the former.

Ahh, but on a more positive note.  I’ve almost got all the Christmas decorations put away. . .

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3 comments on “house cleaning

  1. Sarah F. says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who dislikes the word housewife. Like you said, I’m not married to my house. I don’t mind stay-at-home, because I pretty much do.

    And the answer to the question…”Do you work?” is absolutly enfatically yes. I am a HomeMaker a WFHM. That is what I do, and everything it entails and implies.

    I was going to say more, but I think I’ll post it on my blog instead.

  2. Sunshine says:

    You were right, I definitely “get it” better now! 😉

  3. D says:

    I foresee a “housewife” riot in the near future 🙂 I am right there with you on the cleaning. It’s actually quite sad. My momma has a perfectly spotless house even though she works outside the home 9-10 hours each day with a roundtrip 3 hour commute. I always despised house cleaning and my house definitely shows it, although when I was working outside the home FT I always managed to keep it neater than now (or maybe the kids and I were just not around to make it as messy). In a HS home spiders and their webs should always be welcomed (that’s what I tell DH anyway when things start getting out of control).

    I do get a little envious of the moms that have a paid house cleaner. I don’t really want one doing my laundry and all but it would be nice to have someone to clean the windows, vacuum, steam clean the carpet, mop, scrub the stove, and even tackle the weekly bathroom scrub down (I can handle the daily wipe down after that). It would also be nice to be able to afford a landscaper once in a while, it may actually leave me some time to plant a veggie and flower garden for once.

    The big item on my list of things to-do today is to purge D’s outgrown clothes – every time I have this job in my plate I get depressed for a month…..who wants to admit their littles aren’t as little anymore 😦 and then all other stuff to get done starts backing up again, Ughh!

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