I’m befuddled

so this post may not be. . .

NUTS!  There’s a word for that!

Well, phooey, this post WILL be random and muddled.

This does not bode well. . . .


You know, I actually caught myself “flirting” today??!  Can you imagine?

And while the person I was “flirting” with was most assuredly handsome, well. . .

he’s also my son!

Drew (the 15 yo), to be precise!

OOOOH!  Now don’t you go oohing and icking

It’s not like I was “flirting” with him in that manner.  However, do you (if you are female) recall a time way back when (before the husband) when you put that little extra forward?  Like, laughing at a stupid joke.  Lots of eye contact.  Pretending that male was everything and nothing else could pique your interest.

Yeah, I was playing that game with my son. 

And you know what?

He was eating it up!  He just sat there and talked to me, gave me his thoughts and opinions on matters.  We had a whole conversation even.

Know what else?

I’m going to keep “flirting” with him; at least until I suspect he’s on to me.

We went to the store after the doctor appointment and he helped me pick out Mikhail’s birthday gifts.

That’s probably where we had our best conversation.  We talked about his relationship with his brothers, specifically Mikhail.

I wonder where it will lead?


Mikhail’s birthday is on Monday; however, we created a snag.  (What he thought he was requesting and what I understood him to request didn’t match up.)

So, now we are celebrating his birthday tomorrow.


I just got an email from the Senator’s office (state, not federal).  They want me to come testify on Wednesday (the 23rd of this month, as in 4 days away); regarding the bill.

Or I could submit a written testimony.

Both teens up and volunteered to watch the young ones while I go, and Mrs H (neighbor, friend and fellow homeschooler) has said that she’ll be home in case they hit a rough patch (you know, like siblings do) or in case an emergency arises.

Now, here’s the thing:  I know a written testimony won’t “carry much”. But I’m mortified of speaking in front of others. . .

Well, that’s not 100% correct.  If I were doing a prepared speech, I’d do fine.  But off the cuff???


I forget things

like the English language (foreign languages disappear as well)

or why I’m there in the first place

or if I used the toilet already (‘cuz that’s important to know).

And what if they were to ask questions!!!!


Is it Porky Pig?  Yeah, he wouldn’t have anything on the stutter I’m sure to develop in that situationPig is a good (NUTS! forgot another word!) “symbol” too as I’m sure to be almost as pink (from the fact I’ll be tripping over my own tongue).

Yet, this is for “my baby” (well, one of them anyway), and there is very little I wouldn’t do for any of them.

And Drew informs me it will be a great “life experience”. 

 (I honestly wanted to throw a tantrum at that remark and tell him if it was going to prove to be so great a “life experience”, that he should do it!  We’d count it as American Government credit!)

So, I have 3 days to get my act together.  If you have tidbits of advice please, Please, PLEASE pass them on.

GOSH!  I just remembered; when I get terribly nervous I tend to cry!  (Yep, seem to recall a confrontation with a car salesman that didn’t end well. . . think we both wound up fleeing to our seperate “corners”.)

OH!  That’s sure to go over well!!!

Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll pass the bill out of sheer fright that I may come and testify again!!

One can only hope.


One comment on “I’m befuddled

  1. Sunshine says:

    Just remember your passion for helping your son, and all the other sons and daughters out there like him. Keep that in the forefront of your mind, not the people there. That will carry you further than you can possibly imagine. I am SO proud of you, you just don’t even know! 😀

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